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Pen Pals: The Unthinkable – Volume One in New Series of Horror Short Stories –Coming Soon: Volume Two – It Happened at 920–

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Chicago, Illinois (2/14/2014) – (Pen Pals: The Unthinkable) – Author Roman numeral “V” was born and raised poor in an urban community, and seeing horrific struggles first hand was an everyday experience. Coming from a dysfunctional one parent home, the Author considers herself a survivor and not a victim of her past. Being unique by nature is one of the author’s traits, “Never be ashamed of who you are because what you hide is what you go back to – time wasted.” Says V 

“Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” a collection of childhood memories and some exaggerated truths. When love is blind, life’s dramatic changes can easily cloud over realty. However, as Author Roman numeral “V” proves in a powerful new series of twisted love stories – losing sight of the world around can have devastating consequences. The new fiction series by V. Volume one, “Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” is the perfect opener to what promises to eventually become part of a classic series of short stories.

“Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” – “Katherine Flowers” is a single mother with a mental disorder struggling to raise three daughters on her own, “Bruce Savage” is a mad man doing time in prison. As a favor to her sister Katherine Flowers agrees to be Bruce Savage Pen Pal. In order to parole Mr. Savage needed an address so he romanced Miss Flowers in his one and only letter to her – “Hello, my angel, and may I say that you are truly my angel, because when I read your letter, tears welled up in my eyes; that’s when I knew God sent you to me. Then I had to ask myself, could you ever leave a woman as beautiful as Katherine? My answer was no, never! So, my darling, I will be home soon to hold you in my arms and love you the way you deserve to be loved. Just wait for the parole board to contact you so that I can be paroled to your home. No man could ever love you the way that I’m going to, etc. Love you always, Bruce.”

Bruce Savage paroled to Katherine Flowers home then the unthinkable happened.

As the author explains, the new line of short stories urges readers to truly expect the unexpected.

Interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of volume one as soon as possible. “Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” Published by Trafford Publishing, is available now; www.barnesandnoble.com

About Pen Pals: The Unthinkable
Pen Pals: The Unthinkable is the first book in a line of short stories, hair-raising, page turner, unique and most shocking entertaining love stories. From serial killers to the supernatural, readers will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book. “Each volume will take readers into a world very much unlike their own – a rocky atmosphere where literally anything can happen.” Says V

About the Author
Roman numeral “V” is no stranger to hard times, and she takes nothing for granted. Making each day count for something is very important, “My friends tell me that I have a laugh-at-life sense of humor, I like bizarre foods and music of most kind, horror is just one of my passions. Raising five kids I learned to laugh at my own jokes, but I also know when to take things seriously.” Says V