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Peak Property Advisors Closes on Historic Home in Galveston, Texas

LIGHTNING RELEASES Galveston, TX (2/14/2014)- Peak Property Advisors has purchased a turn of the century, historical landmark in Galveston, Texas. Don McClain, Principal of Peak Property Advisors says, “We are glad to have purchased this property and look forward to adding value to the property and the community.” The property is located in area of Galveston that is experiencing a rebirth and many properties are being rehabilitated which is improving the community as a whole. McClain says, “We were able to assist a seller with a quick sale, and capture an opportunity to beautify a great part of the city.”

Galveston, Texas is experiencing a resurgence in population, property values and tourism. “Investing in property in Galveston at this time is an excellent opportunity”, says McClain. “We are very happy and pleased to have a small part in the transformation that is taking place here”, he goes on to say. After Hurricane Ike devastated the island community in 2009, Galveston has gradually regained its footing and has grown to be a stronger economy than it was pre-Ike.

“We will continue to explore opportunities in and around the Galveston market”, McClain states. “The economy in Galveston will continue to grow, and we are very pleased to be part of it”, he says.

About Peak Property Advisors – Peak Property Advisors is a Houston based real estate investment firm that assist commercial and residential property owners in situations where they may need to move a property quickly. Through aggressive marketing, including television, billboards, direct mail and other forms of attracting sellers, Peak Property Advisors attracts sellers and strives to assist property owners.