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Overwhelmed? “Ease” Book Author/Expert Offers RX for Times of “Crazy Busy”

 LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/27/14 — Are times of ‘crazy busy’ now the new normal? According to Eileen Chadnick, a leadership and work-life coach at Big Cheese Coaching, and author of a new book, Ease: Manage Overwhelm in Times of Crazy Busy, the season of rush is now year-round. Demands of work and life continue to accelerate to unprecedented levels.  In Ease , Chadnick offers strategies to manage overwhelm in times of “crazy busy”.  To read a chapter excerpt, see www.easerx.com

 In Ease, Chadnick deconstructs overwhelm from a mind-brain-body perspective and provides a toolkit of ideas that are deceptively simple yet draw from the wisdom of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and the science of positivity. Chadnick lays out 17 “tools” in her book that encompass three areas: Organize the loads of work and life with a ‘brain in mind’ approach to pre-empt the ‘mind full’ syndrome; Develop more empowering mindset strategies to better navigate the pressures of modern day work-life; and Reap the rewards of the positivity advantage.


 1) The Perfect (Bad) Storm for “Bye Bye Thinking Capacity – Hello Brain Freeze”: What are the three essential conditions needed for optimal thinking ability and performance? What happens when all three are compromised? What small changes can we make to mitigate that disaster?

2) Use Your Head — But Not For Storage! – Our ‘higher thinking brain’ wasn’t meant to process the loads we carry all at once.  Chadnick can share techniques to ensure we keep our priorities ‘top of mind’ but don’t drain our brains by trying to remember it all.

3) Tame the Brain-Drain Effect and Ditch the Multi-tasking: Multi-tasking is no longer a badge of honour it once was. In fact, it’s a first class ticket to brain-drain.  How do we tame that beast while still attending to the multiple and competing priorities?

4) What’s Mood Got to Do With It? Almost everything! We now know that positivity has been scientifically proven to broaden your mind and increase your potential for success over time. People who practice positivity are more apt to think better, feel better and perform better. But how do you teach an old dog new tricks to develop a more robust positivity habit. Chadnick can share some simple strategies that have been oven-tested in research labs and in her own ‘coaching and life kitchen.

5) And More…on empowering, conscious mindset strategies, honing the positivity advantage and working with more ‘brain-ability’.

“Overwhelm has become an equal-opportunity issue. Leaders of all levels and employees across the board are confronted with unprecedented levels of demands at work and in life. To successfully navigate the challenges of the day, we need to ramp up skills – not just the technical skills of work but also mental, personal, and emotional skills,” says Chadnick.

Get (Buy) Ease:  Ease is available in most major online retailers in North America, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Chapters-Indigo and more. It’s available in soft cover, hard cover and e-book formats. See www.Easerx.com for more information, including accolades for Ease. 

About the Author: Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC is a certified coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto. She is a contributing work-life, careers columnist at the Globe and Mail. She coaches leaders and organizations towards greater personal, professional and organizational well-being.  She draws from emotional intelligence, the science of positivity and neuroscience. She has more than 20 years experience in diverse careers including professional coaching, communications and fitness.

NOTE TO EDITORS:Preview copies of Ease are available. Photos available (author photo, Ease book, etc.)


Eileen Chadnick (416) 631-7437


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