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Continuing Education Programs for Opticians

An optician is a licensed health care practitioner who makes glasses for those who require corrective lenses. This professional is defined as, “A worker who designs, fits and dispenses lenses for the correction of a person’s vision.” The optometrist is the one who conducts the eye exam and then writes the prescription for the lenses. The prescription is then given to the optician who fills it for the patient.

While continuing education is not a necessity for every optician who wants to move forward in the eye care field, CE courses can be helpful for both certified and licensed opticians as well as for those that are neither certified nor licensed. In particular health care is an area where there are always changes and new developments and no one wants to get left behind. When you decide to further your training and education in this manner you increase both your knowledge as well as your skills. This also makes you more valuable to your workplace.

If you are an optician who has either an ABO certification or a NCLE one then continuing education is a requirement to renew your certification. The same can be said for opticians that have a state license. To renew your license you must fulfill the CE requirements of your state. If you are an optician who is both certified and licensed then you are required to earn a particular number of what is known as continuing education credits (CECs).

Those with ABO or NCLE certifications have many sources from which they can choose to take the required coursework. You may choose to take classes at a local community college or you may choose to sign up for online continuing education courses for opticians. In some cases you may be required to take both to round out your CEC requirements. Many of the approved courses for ABO-NCLE continuing education is also perfectly fine for those who have state licensing CEC requirements to satisfy.

Whether you need to recertify, renew your license or just receive extra training, there are plenty of online (as well as offline) options to choose from. There are home study courses, online continuing education courses for opticians, conferences and seminars. There are numerous optical societies that offer seminars and course that count towards CEC credits. Check your national and state optical societies to find out what they have to offer. One example of this would be the National Academy of Opticianry and Opticians Association of Arkansas.

Other excellent sources to look to for online programs for opticians include the Optical Training Institute and the Contact Lens Society of America.  If you do thorough research you will find relevant conferences and seminars that offer courses and tracks and feature special speakers. One of these is the International Vision Expo and Conference. The courses that come from this conference are accepted for the ABO and NCLE certification as well as for many state licensing boards.

Whatever you do, find out what you need before you enroll. You also need to decide what mode of learning is best for you and pursue that. Online learning is a modern method to study and learn that suits many people but only you know if it is appropriate for you.

  • Maria Rebecca Deluta //19 Jun 2012

    Iam an optometrist in profesion and i would liketo to continue my educaton or enhance my knowlegde about about the new study for optomerist can you sugest an online site were i can join courses Thank you look forward foryour answer