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Opportunities and Degrees for Fine Arts and Crafts

fine art coursesWithin the Art and Design field are multiple career opportunities, one being arts and craft. Many professional artists do what they do out of love opposed to making significant money. Interestingly, approximately 62% of all artists work as self-employed professionals. Because of this, freelance assignments and full-timed salaried positions are hard to land.

Online  Fine Arts and Crafts Educational Opportunities

One way in which an artist can get an edge over the competition is with education, especially by honing fine arts and crafts skills. The best way for a person to accomplish this is with education. Thanks to so many different degree programs for art and design now being offered online, a person could expand on existing skills but also gain new skills by choosing to continue education via the internet.

Although there are many different avenues a person could take, we wanted to provide information on a few of the arts and crafts fields that are in high demand from an employer’s perspective but also fields that offer the best career and advancement opportunities for the artist.

o    Art Director – One of the Fine Arts and Crafts degree programs offered online is for Art Director. This professional has the responsibility of providing leadership on various projects and is typically a person with good communication, direction, vision, and creativity. Typically, an Art Director would be employed within movie, newspaper, and digital media fields. To make the highest salary available of $80,000, this person would need to earn at least a Bachelor’s degree in Art Administration, with emphasis in finance and project management.

o    Craft Artists – In this role, a craft artist has incredible skill for making objects displayed in museums, art galleries, in personal studies, or even stores where items can be purchased. This person has the ability to work with a variety of materials to include textiles, glass, metal, wood, ceramics, paper, and more. On average, this person would earn $30,000 and while a Fine Arts and Crafts degree does not need to be earned, it is highly desired.

o    Fine Artists – Another field associated with Fine Arts and Crafts is the fine artist. Someone working in this field would be an illustrator, painter, or sculpture. Work completed would be displayed in museums, art galleries, private studies, or sold for people to display in personal homes or businesses. The best opportunity to earn around $45,000 a year comes from completing online programs for a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. In addition to coursework, studio training for sculpting, sketching, painting, illustrating, printmaking, and restoring would be beneficial.

o    Animators and Multimedia Artists – Probably one of the fastest growing Fine Arts and Crafts fields is this due to such advanced technology now being used. Although this professional might work in advertising, many provide skills needed for movies, television, video, and even comic strips. On average, a person would earn $55,000 a year but only with a Bachelor degree level education. Today, many educational institutions provide excellent studies specific to this Fine Arts and Crafts field.

Top-Rated Online Schools –  Fine Arts and Crafts

There is actually a very long list of schools that provide online coursework for different careers within the Fines Arts and Crafts industry. However, below are just a few samples of those that have the best reputation for providing a comprehensive education.

o    DeVry – University – Probably one of the best options for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to have a successful Arts and Crafts career is DeVry University.

o    The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – This too has received high ratings specific to careers for creative minds

o    Westwood College – In addition to basic studies, this online college provides lessons on the latest technology used for the Fine Arts and Crafts sector