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Education Programs for Welders

Continuing education for welders is standard for those employed in this field who would like to move up in their careers and open the door to bigger and better job options. A welder is a skilled worker who “joins pieces of metal by welding together.” Welders may do spot welding and other types of welding as well. The work of a welder is required in many different work environments. In days past welders were also referred to as journeymen, artisans, craftsmen and artificers.

For those who choose to pursue careers as welders job experience is very important but additional education and a commitment to continuous education makes a big difference as well. By furthering your education this will give you that little bit of extra education that will qualify you for a promotion for welding positions that require a higher level of skill. This will also mean a higher salary for you.

Many welders have aspirations to become supervisors and/or structural inspectors. Still others want to become instructors and teach others how to become welders. None of these advancements is possible without continuing education pursuits. If you want to take your career to the next level and continue to soar as high as you can in your chosen field then further education is a necessity.

Online continuing education courses for welders offers the opportunity to earn the credits you need without having to take any time off from work. One place you can look over the web for such courses is WeldingSchools.com . This site offers plenty of beneficial information in this regard. You will find a Welding School Directory. You will also find career guidance at this website. If finances are a concern for you then you will find financial aid and scholarship information here as well.

There are a number of colleges and trade schools that offer advanced courses and programs for welders who wish to fulfill their continuing education (CE) requirements. There are also welding organizations that offer apprenticeship programs to those welders that wish to further their education beyond what they currently have. Some of the HVAC-related continuing education (CE) programs that is available for welders include arc welding, brazing, cold-press welding, laser welding, machining, MIG welding, pipefitting, resistance welding and soldering.

The Internet has made it possible to learn at a distance and on your own time. For those who cannot afford to take time off from their jobs online continuing education courses for welders is a viable solution. Ever since 1999 Ohio State University (OSU) has offered its Welding Engineering Program online at both the undergraduate level as well as the graduate level. Those who wish to study for their Master of Science degree in welding engineering (MSWE) can do so online from anywhere in the world. All that is required is a computer, an Internet connection and a desire to work hard.

Online education for welders is different than classes taught in a traditional classroom. However the opportunity for student and instructor interaction is still there. If you run into a problem in your web-based studies then help is close at hand.