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Online Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers

Social workers need to remain current with their skills and training in order to put their best foot forward in their jobs as well as to provide the best assistance they can to the people they are hired to help. Social workers provide social services to those who require them the most (which is to say those that are disadvantaged in some way). These professionals have specialized education and training that allows them to help others with their level of social adjustment. Social workers often counsel those who suffer from mental illness as well as their families and do their part to help everyone cope on an emotional and social level.

For busy professionals who need to fulfill continuing education requirements in order to have their licenses renewed but do not have the time to return to a college or university in the brick and mortar sense there are always online continuing education courses for social workers. Let us take a closer look at this.

Stratford Career Institute is a leader when it comes to distance education. Since 1991 more than 700,000 students across the country have enrolled in their affordable and convenient online CE courses. This school’s popularity is increasing all of the time.

CEU4u.com offers online CE courses to social workers. The courses provided through this school are up-to-date and meet the standards of the regulatory agency for those in the mental health occupation. These courses can be completed on the student’s own time and in his/her own convenience and comfort. The student will receive a course history of the entire course taken and he/she will also earn credit for the courses he/she takes online.

After you have finished your online course and received a passing grade you will be able to print out the certificate of completion at the site. If you do not receive a passing grade then you can review the course material and then take the exam over again at no extra charge.

Another website that offers fully accredited CE courses for mental health professionals is eLearning Essentials. The courses offered through eLearning Essentials can be taken online or they can be taken as a combination of home study and online. All you need to do is register for the course, study the material, take the examination and then receive your certificate. As a CE student you can print your own certificate or if you prefer you can have your certificate mailed to you. Your CE clock hours will be awarded once you have completed your course. This website carries a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Keeping up with the continuing education requirements is essential not just for the practice you work in but also to ensure that you meet the requirements for renewing your social worker license. Before you sign up for any online continuing education courses for psychologists you should check with the state NASW office or the licensing board to ensure that you sign up for the courses that will provide you with credit.

Other places on the web you can look to for the CE courses you require include Free State Social Work, LLC, AtHealth.com e-Campus, and Fast CEUs. All of these websites can provide you with the courses you need to fulfill your continuing education needs.