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Online Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists

As a psychologist you are in the business of helping people with their problems. Specifically a psychologist is defined as “A person who is trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy.”

Those who work in the mental health field always need to be aware of any new improvements that have been made in the field. By so doing this will help you to help your patients to the best of your ability. It can also serve to benefit you in your career endeavors.

Continuing education courses are a must for all psychologists. In order to get your license to practice renewed you must be willing to upgrade your education and skills. Continuing education in psychology can take place online or offline. Or if you like you can combine the two.

When it comes to online continuing education courses for psychologists you have plenty of opportunties for learning. Let us take a look at some of the places that offer online CE courses for those who work in psychology.

The American Psychological Association (APA) is an excellent place to look and can also be a helpful resource for you. The APA offers continuing education opportunities for psychologists that will allow them to enhance and expand their skills as they go about earning continuing education credits. Be aware too that organizations can obtain the approval they require to be APA-approved sponsors of psychology CE programs.

The prices for the online CE courses through the APA are different if you are a member than if you are not a member. You will pay a little more if you are not a member. There is an APA Online Academy that offers online continuing education courses for psychologists that are available as multimedia presentations that are followed by an examination.

The APA also offers Book-Based Programs, Online Professional Development, End-Of-Life issues, Article-Based Programs and an APA DVD Series. There is also Web-Based Independent Study Programs which are made up of online learning tools that help healthcare professionals and students alike to integrate practice and research into real world scenarios. Examples of topics covered  in the APA online continuing education courses for psychologists include additive behavior, anxiety and depression, assessment and diagnosis, behavioral and cognitive, clinical psychology, disorders and pathologies, and education.

The National Association for Continuing Education (NACE) offers accredited education programs for mental health professionals such as psychologists, counselors, MFT’s and social workers. Some of the online CE courses through the NACE are free credit demo courses. There are also live conferences broadcast over the Internet that can help you to earn the CE credits you need.

ABED Continuing Ed offers approved continuing education courses for psychologists. CEU University offers online course for professional addiction and mental health practitioners. Distance education is also available through this university. Ceu4u.com offers accredited continuing education online courses for psychologists and other types of mental health professionals.

Internet Guided Learning is another place on the web where you can find online continuing education courses for psychologists, as well as social workers, therapists, professional counselors and addiction professionals. Net Education Center is another place where you can find continuing education courses in cyberspace as is the website Ce-credit.com.