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Continuing Education for Project Managers

Project managers have been described in more than one way. The simplest definition possible is to describe a project manager as being an individual who is responsible for a project. This person is in charge of the progress made on a project as well as the performance of the project on behalf of the owner of the project.

The project manager can also be described as the individual who has the authority to make decisions and manage the project. What this entails is doing the necessary planning and then developing the project from there. Project managers are also responsible for closing a project. All in all a project manager is a professional in the project management field.

Project management generally applies to architecture, construction, computer networking, software development and telecommunications. Project managers who have received certification in this field must participate in continuing education projects in order to maintain their certification.

Online continuing education course for project managers can offer a method of learning that is convenient, versatile and easy on the wallet. Finding the time and the money is a concern for so many people who require continuing education credits. The Internet brings learning right to your living room and makes it as simple as ever to complete a program online.

Online Project Management Degrees and Courses

If you are wondering where to look to receive the credentials you require then look no further than the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI is a not-for-profit professional association that offers four credentials to project managers who wish to advance in the field they are employed in. Those who hold credentials from PMI are required to earn a specific quantity of what is known as professional development units (PDU’s) in a three year span of time.

Continuing education is never something that will waste your time or be done in vain. This is the case no matter what type of career you are pursuing. Continuing education for project managers makes it possible to expand the knowledge they presently have, as well as to learn new skills and to stay aware and focused on new techniques in the industry as well as new processes that have been developed.

Another important point about CE courses is that they can provide you with valuable opportunities to network and get to know others in the industry. They can also help you to make the right impression. When you participate in CE courses you send the powerful message to your employer as well as your colleagues that you are committed to being in the field of project management and that your career is important to you.

The online continuing education course for project managers at PMI offer four credentials that require the maintenance of your certification. Risk Management Professionals (PMI-RMP) are expected to complete 30 PDU’s in project risk management while Scheduling Professionals (PMI-SP) can only keep up with their credentials if they complete 30 hours of PDU’s that have a focus on project scheduling. On the other hand Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Program Management Professionals (PgMP) are required to complete 60 hours of project management training per credential cycle.