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CE Programs for Private Investigators

Private investigators (also sometimes called private eyes or PIs for short) are private detectives. What this means is that they are hired by a company, a group of people or an individual to act as a detective and collect pertinent information. To put it another way, their job is to “undertake investigatory law services.”  It is not uncommon to find a private investigator working for an attorney in both criminal cases as well as civil cases.

If you are a curious person, whose is very attentive and resourceful then this could be the right career for you. Those who choose to work in this capacity investigate many different kinds of circumstances for the clients that hire them. A private eye can be found working in the field or he/she can be found working from an office. Private detectives spend plenty of time doing research both over the Internet and over the telephone.

There are no formal education requirements to become a private investigator. However it is important to have your high school diploma. If you have a college degree then that is even better. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 34 percent of private eyes possess bachelor’s degrees while 16 percent have a master’s degree or better.

If you choose to specialize in a particular area in your work as a PI then it would be beneficial for your education to be along the same lines. For example, a private detective who chooses to specialize in forensic accounting should have a background in accounting, and if possible a CPA certificate. Those who would like to do business investigations would benefit from having an undergraduate business degree, an MBA or a CPA. As well college courses in criminal science and investigation would be very useful.

Most private investigators train in this occupation and gain experience by working and learning from an experienced investigator. Continuing education can also be extremely beneficial for the PI who would like to keep up on all of the latest investigative trends and also potentially go into business for himself or herself.

Online continuing education for private investigators is one way to keep yourself current with what is happening in your industry. One website to look to for the coursework you require is PI Education . Every online course that is available at this website is designed with efficiency, speed and your success in mind! The online continuing education courses for private investigators at PI Education are accepted in a great number of states including Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida.

Some of the topics you will study in this online program include serious surveillance, specialized forensic photography and diagramming, statements, lies and videotape, surveillance strategies for success, apprehending bail fugitives, and industry ethics and laws for private investigators.

Another website to look to for online continuing education courses for private investigators is the North American Training Group . The courses at this site will make it possible for you to satisfy a great number of the private investigator continuing education (PI CEU) requirements that are expected of you. As well you will also be able to fulfill your requirement for insurance fraud training (also sometimes known as ethics credits).