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Continuing Education Courses for Plumbers

Plumbers are craftsmen who install and repair appliances, fixtures and pipes. The word plumber goes back as far as the Roman Empire. It is essential as a plumber that you do not let your skills become outdated and that you do not fall behind when it comes to advancements and new developments in the industry.

Those who work in plumbing are considered to be technical trades people. It is their job to repair commercial and residential water systems as well as to ensure that the areas above and below pipe systems are as safe as they could possibly be. Plumbers also do what they can to keep drinking water clean and safe.

Plumbing technology takes into consideration all of the current technologies and advancements. Plumbing, like so many other industries must adapt to current technologies as such things as equipment and computer applications evolve.

Continuing education courses are beneficial for plumbers because they can aid them in refreshing their skills as well as their knowledge of the trade. While some plumbers may choose to take classes in an educational facility in the physical world others may prefer the convenience of studying online continuing education courses for plumbers. These courses can offer an attractive alternative to those who do not have the time or the money in their budgets to go back to school.

There are some very good online programs that a plumber should take the time to investigate further. Plumbing CEU found at http://www.plumbingceu.com/ is one such online CE school that is designed to accommodate the needs of plumbers. This online school offers CE classes for those plumbing professionals that live in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington. The courses offered through this educational institution have as their primary goal test preparation for administrators and journeymen in the field of plumbing.

Depending on the state where you currently live and work in, Plumbing CEU may offer the opportunity for classes and tests for plumbing trainees as well as specialty plumbers and pump plumbers who need to renew their licenses. Before you register for an online continuing education course for plumbers you should find out what the requirements are in your state. There are numerous states that make it a requirement for plumbers and trade workers to renew their licenses every couple of years.

Ashworth College is a school that operates solely through cyberspace. However its brick and mortar location is to be found in Georgia. This college is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. The school offers career programs and flexible education options for plumbers.

The online continuing education courses for plumbers at Ashworth College cover a number of important subjects. Students are taught how to measure, design, mark, cut and join plumbing systems. They are also taught excavation, remodeling, sumps and storm water techniques. Other CE courses include how to install water heaters, appliances and faucets. There are 14 lessons that make up the CE program at Ashworth College. Plumbing codes will be learned, as will be job organization, remodeling plumbing systems, reading blueprints and designing plumbing systems.

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