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Online Continuing Education Courses for Firefighters

The continuing education requirements for firefighters are not the same in every state. Some states deem it a necessity for their firefighters to obtain a certain number of continuing education (CE) credits to keep up with their skills while others do not. Before you sign up for any course whether it is through the Internet or at an educational institution in your area you should find out through your employer what is required of you.

If you must take continuing education courses then online continuing education courses for firefighters can save you time and likely money. In most cases web-based courses are easier on the wallet than are courses taken in-person at a brick and mortar institution.

One online school that you should learn more about is FirefighterCE (www.firefighterce.com/). The courses offered by this website are accepted as CE credits in the state of Texas and they are also accepted by any state’s fire division that is willing to accept credits obtained through an online program. Due to the constant changes that take place in individual state regulations as a firefighter you should always check with your state to find out ahead of time whether online continuing education courses for firefighters are approved if they are taken through FirefighterCE.

In the state of Ohio for example firefighters are expected to have 54 hours of continuing education credits for every three year certification cycle. The courses taken must be approved by either a program director of a chartered fire training program or an Ohio fire chief. To learn more about the requirements in Ohio visit the website found at http://www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/ems_hdi_complete_fire_ce_require.pdf.

For many firefighters the cost of an online program plays a big role in which program is most cost effective for them to take. At FireFighterCE the most popular program is the two-year unlimited program. This course package provides you with unlimited access to all of the courses that are available in the library for a period of two years. The cost for this is $100.00.

Another option is the one-year unlimited program. In this case all of the online courses in the library will be available to you for one year’s time at a cost of $60.00. For those who only require a few hours of CE courses there is the per hour program. The cost for this is $5.00 an hour and these courses are available in blocks of five hours.

An article at this website equals two CE units or credits. However there are some that are worth one hour and others that are as long as three hours. The amount of credit that you receive is equal to the length of time it takes you to read and study an article. You then must write and pass the examination and then review it and submit your evaluation of it.

Examples of subjects you will learn about when you take online continuing education courses for firefighters include fire extinguishers, fire service overhaul, fire service salvage, fire streams, fire service ground ladders, forcible entry, ventilation, ropes and knots, water supply, inspections and public education.