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Online Continuing Education Courses for Engineers

The nature of an engineer’s job is such that remaining current on the most up-to-date engineering strategies, technologies and developments are so important. For those individuals who have worked as engineers for years and now wish to move up to being a manager they must pursue continuing education in order to get where they are going. Engineering training in college does not generally include courses in business and management which is why those interested in moving up the ladder must obtain the skills they need through CE courses as well as experience.

Those with a MBA should find it easy to locate pertinent continuing education courses. However for other this may prove to be slightly more difficult.

Professional engineers are required to complete a minimum amount of CE courses, be they online continuing education courses for engineers or offline courses in order to have their licenses renewed on a periodic basis. These units are usually designated as Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH). One CEU is equivalent to 10 PDH or 10 hours of continuing education. One PDH is also equivalent to one hour of continuing education. In order to get the credits you need you must attend classes, write articles, sit in on professional boards or committees and attend conferences or seminars. Most engineers choose to attend conferences and seminars to achieve their ends.

As an engineer you must find out what the State Licensure Board deems as a requirement for CE courses. You also must acquaint yourself with state codes and then screen the online course options as well as the offline ones carefully. You must submit your license renewal application and list all of the credits you have received. From there the board will let you know whether it will accept the courses or turn them down.

Examples of the types of courses that engineers need to take in order to qualify as engineering managers include engineering operations, engineering marketing, financials, engineering business plan, leadership and proposals. In order to take the courses you need to further your career goals you can look to any number of sources. You can choose to take online continuing education courses for engineers, courses in classroom settings or a combination of both. Choose to take whatever is most appropriate for your life.

If you enjoy studying and learning through the Internet then online continuing education courses for engineers is the right choice for you.  Similar to home study courses this method of educating yourself is done completely over the web. Studying this way is convenient and affordable for most engineers. You can study on your own schedule and the options for subjects are many. You can study subjects related to the technical sphere, as well as managerial and ethical. However most of the online programs of study will concentrate on the technical courses but will touch on the other subjects as well.

If you wish to become an engineering manager then you will have to seek out courses in business management as well as marketing. As an engineer who wishes to move ahead in his/her career you need to develop the skills to become an effective manager. To develop these skills you need to invest your time, energy and money in continuing education.