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Continuing Education Schools for Court Reporters

Court reporters play an integral role in the proceedings that take place in the judicial system. Also sometimes referred to as stenotype reporters, digital reporters, voice writers or stenomask writers, these individuals transcribe verbal or recorded speech into a written format and create an official transcript of it if it is required. Court reporters use voice silencers, digital recorders or machine shorthand to do their jobs.

There are many states that make it a requirement for court reporters to be certified. This does tend to vary from state to state. Requirements vary for certification as well as the licensing. To be on the safe side, before you take the time to research online continuing education courses for court reporters you should find out from your employer what continuing education units (CEUs) are required for you.

In the state of Nevada, according to the Nevada Certified Court Reporters Board (NCCRB) that makes its headquarters in Las Vegas, all court reporters must be certified to practice their occupation. In addition to this, every two years they are required by statute to earn 15 continuing education credits (also known as continuing education units or CEUs). The CEUs can be obtained by way of attending state or national bar association seminars. The option to take online continuing education courses for court reporters may also be there. Take the time to find out before you begin researching your options.

Another example we could look at would be the state of Missouri. In this state a court reporter must take 10 hours of continuing education on a yearly basis after the first year of certification in order to maintain their certification. This means that the following year after certification the individual does not need to take any CE courses but is expected to every year after that.  Online continuing education courses for court reporters (as well as any offline courses) must be approved by the Certified Court Reporter Board of Examiners. These courses can come by way of community or technical college courses, workshops, seminars or online programs.

Before enrolling in a CE program all court reporters in this state must complete and file the Certified Court Reporters Continuing Education Request for Pre-Approval /Request for Credit with the Board of Examiners. Those who do not take the time to seek approval for the courses they wish to take will be denied credit. Within 30 days of receiving the form the Board of Examiners will let the court reporter know about their decision in regards to the CEUs.

In the state of New Jersey licenses are granted to court reporters through the State Board of Court Reporting, which is a section of the Department of Law and Safety and the Division of Consumer Affairs. Every two years a court reporter must renew his or her license and receive 15 CE credits during that time span.  All online continuing education courses for court reporters, as well as in-person training courses, have to be approved by the New Jersey State Board of Shorthand Reporting. Some court reporters may also decide to take courses pertaining to business record keeping, English composition and grammar, as well as computer training.