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CEUs for Clinical Laboratory Technicians

Clinical laboratory technicians, also known as laboratory technicians or clinical technicians constitute a group of health professionals that are in more and more demand all of the time. It is the job of these qualified laboratory professionals to use the skills they have acquired to identify, diagnose and treat an infection, disease or sickness. They perform a variety of tests on blood, fluids and/or tissues to come up with a proper diagnosis of a medical condition. In doing these tests laboratory technicians make use of a variety of instruments such as cell counters, microscopes and computers. They also prepare specimens that require testing.

Lab technicians can find work in any number of clinical laboratory settings. Examples of places where they seek out employment include hospitals, clinics, colleges, public health laboratories and other types of healthcare facilities. They can also choose to specialize in a particular area be it blood banking, chemistry, hematology, immunology or microbiology. There are numerous tasks given to a clinical laboratory technician. For that reason they need the proper education and they also need to participate in continuing education throughout their careers to keep them current with all of the new developments and technologies in the medical world.

Online continuing education courses for clinical laboratory technicians can provide a way to get the CE credits you require while not taking you away from your job. One place to look online for courses is through the Health Training Institute of America . The clinical laboratory technician CE courses offered through this institute are P.A.C.E. approved nationwide. This online program offers an array of clinical laboratory technician courses. Examples of topics include clinical microbiology I and II, essentials in clinical chemistry I and II, clinical hematology and procedures I and II, body fluids and urine analysis, immunohematology applied concepts, immunology and serology I and II.

The fact that these online continuing education courses for clinical laboratory technicians are P.A.C.E. approved means that they are approved for continuing education credit nationwide. Before you register for an online program of study check with your employer and/or your state licensing board to find out what is required of you before you enrol in an online training plan.

Another website that offers online continuing education courses for clinical laboratory technicians is LAB CE . This website offers 70 online courses for laboratory professionals and fulfills all laboratory continuing education requirements. Courses at this website provide continuing education units (CEUs) for AMT and ASCP/NCA certification maintenance as well as state license renewal.

Find out from your workplace what courses are most relevant to your job responsibilities before you sign up for web-based courses. Some of the most popular courses offered by Lab CE include cardiac biomarkers, normal peripheral blood cells, the urine microscopic: microscopic analysis of urine sediment, medical error prevention: patient safety, chemical screening of urine by reagent strip, introduction to the ABO blood group system, antibody detection and identification, OSHA blood-borne pathogens and laboratory ergonomics. Lab CE offers a subscription for all of the 70 online courses it has for $95 a year. Or if you prefer you can select up to eight hours of CE courses for the low price of $55.

  • Marie L Dorismond //12 Jul 2011


    I would like a CEU in Medical errors for medical technologist and HIV training . I am applying for a job in Florida, I was told to get these two classes , then reapply.

    Thanks for your help.