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Continuing Education Programs for Carpenters

Carpenters are skilled professionals who construct things out of wood, such as furniture. A carpenter can also be described as “A person who builds or repairs wooden structures such as houses, scaffolds or shelving.” Carpenters are skilled workers who must attend a trade school or community college to learn how to make, finish and repair objects and structures made of wood. Many people think of carpentry as a type of art and have a talent and interest in making wooden objects, both for practical use as well as for their aesthetic appeal.

Carpenters make up the largest group of trade professionals that are to be found in the industry of construction and remodeling. The demand for these professionals is growing very fast as more people retire from the profession every year. Carpentry schools are designed to provide carpenter hopefuls with the education, knowledge and skills that they require to be able to do their future jobs properly and to succeed in the occupation.

Not all carpenters will choose to work in the same area. Some will take on projects in commercial areas, while others may choose projects in residential areas or industrial areas. Still others will mix it up a bit and look for projects in a variety of areas. This choice is yours.

There are many carpenters that are self-employed and choose to work as independent contractors. Approximately one-fourth of all carpenters in the United States were self-employed in 2000 according to research compiled. On the other hand some are hired by firms on a full-time basis.

Both classroom work and hands-on training are a part of all carpentry courses. The key areas you will learn about include construction drawings and blueprints, finishing floors, walls and ceilings, understanding building codes and layout, the principals of floor, wall, stair and roof framing, working with lumber and other building materials and understanding the carpentry trade business.

The opportunity for continuing education for carpenters is there and is greatly encouraged. By pursuing further education a carpenter has the opportunity to advance to a supervisor or the position of a general construction supervisor. There are some online continuing education courses for carpenters that can be found over the web that are convenient and cost effective. However some courses must be taken in-person due to the nature of the training required.

Another option for continuing education that some carpenters decide to move forward with is to earn their Graduate Certificate in Construction Management. Another option is to pursue a business degree to supplement the education that you already possess. Construction management degree programs are structured to make it possible for students to learn the knowledge and skills required to supervise a team of contractors or carpenters and to deal with professionals in the construction industry.

Before you apply for any online continuing education courses for carpenters you might want to check with your employer to find out what opportunities would open up to you if you made the decision to further your education. Continuing education is always a good thing as it has the potential to open doors for you to advancements that do not presently exist in your professional life.