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Online Continuing Education Courses for Bus Drivers

Being a bus driver is not just about driving a bus. It used to be at one time but today a bus driver needs to be able to communicate effectively with his/her student passengers and needs to know how to diffuse problems and arguments that erupt on his/her bus going back and forth to school. The purpose behind school bus safety instruction is to promote pupil transportation programs that are safe and efficient and go along with the approved curriculum that is set down by the Department of Education in every state.

New school bus drivers must complete a School Bus Driver Safety Education Course while experienced drivers who have been doing their jobs for a number of years are expected to take continuing education (CE) courses. You can choose to take the necessary continuing education courses at a location in the area you live and work in. If you are short on time because of your busy schedule you might want to look at taking the courses you need through an educational institution over the web. Online continuing education courses for bus drivers can offer an alternative to classroom instruction that will be more cost savvy and will not involve you needing to take any time off from your job.

The types of subjects you will learn about in the online continuing education courses for bus drivers include the principles of assertive discipline, building relationships with students, dealing with crisis situations and recognizing the warning signs of youth violence and suicide.

Distractions are something that every bus driver must learn to cope with. Distractions while driving a school bus can come from within the bus but can also come from outside of the bus. A bus driver needs to be focused and alert at all times. He or she must be prepared to deal with any number of situations. Some of the distractions that could come his or her way include cell phones, radios, the behavior of the passengers, personal problems, traffic and weather issues. All of these things can complicate the driving habits of a bus driver. Online continuing education courses for bus drivers address these topics and seek to come up with suggestions and tips related to how to cope with all of these distractions. Learning to deal with them can help to make you a safer bus driver as well as a more reliable one.

Other types of subject matter that you will tackle in courses taken online and off include safe driving practices, emergency first aid, rules and regulations, accident and emergency procedures, passenger control, route hazard identification, loading and unloading procedures dealing with danger zones and pre/post trip inspections.

All school bus drivers are required to pass the Commercial Driver License (CDL) examination with a school bus endorsement. There are some bus companies as well as school districts that regularly offer CE programs for bus drivers. Before signing up for an online continuing education course for bus drivers find out from the school district you work in what is expected of you.

Take the time to peruse the Internet to see what online continuing education courses for bus drivers you can find. You will be surprised and pleased to see the many options that are out there just waiting for you to find them!