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Continuing Education and CEUs for Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers are individuals who are trained and qualified to keep the books for an individual or a business. More specifically bookkeeping is defined as “The practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business.” Bookkeepers and accountants are often thought of as the same occupation although they are actually not. They do share some similarities however.

All companies must keep financial records and it is the responsibility of the bookkeeper to systematically record the financial transactions of the business or organization that employs them. The two most common methods used by bookkeepers to do this include single-entry and double-entry.

To become a bookkeeper you need to have a head for numbers and you must be good in math. While accountants require a bachelor’s degree in accounting those who wish to become bookkeepers can take courses at a community college to learn the basics of bookkeeping which can get them started.

Once you have worked as a bookkeeper and have gained experience and knowledge you need to keep on learning more in order to better your career opportunities and to keep up with current advancements in the field. The way to do this is through taking continuing education (CE) courses. There are online continuing education courses for bookkeepers that you can study from the comfort and convenience of your home. These courses will help to keep you at the top of your profession and they will also put you in line for a promotion if that is one of your hopes for your future.

As a bookkeeper it would be smart to join an industry organization such as the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). This can be found on the web . Groups such as these offer conferences and seminars to their members, as well as membership databases, job databases, plenty of tips and lots of opportunities for continuing education. You will also be able to contact someone who is in the group to act as your mentor. If you want to change jobs then the job database will provide very beneficial in helping you find job openings that are right for you.

The AIPB understands the importance of continuing education. This is a national association that provides the tools bookkeepers across the country need to continue to expand their knowledge and skills as well as to continue to serve their employers and clients in the best way possible.

The online continuing education courses for bookkeepers found at this site involve no classrooms, no travel and no download. Everything you need is contained in one self-study workbook and desk reference. Every courses guarantee that you will master crucial bookkeeping skills. Each course allows you to learn in the privacy of your home or office and each course section ends with a double quiz. If you achieve a grade of 70 or higher then you will pass the examination and receive a certificate of completion.

Some of the online continuing education courses for bookkeepers that are available through AIPB include Mastering Inventory, Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors, Mastering Double-Entry Bookkeeping, Mastering Payroll and Mastering Financial Statement Analysis.