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Continuing Education Courses for Army Personnel

There are a variety of jobs that a person can do when they decide to join the Army. In the military, be it Army, Air Force or the Navy members are always learning. Nowhere can continuing education be more evident than within the military community.

Officers are encouraged and supported in furthering their education in the field that they have chosen to pursue in the Army. The same can be said for privates and corporals and all non-commissioned members of the Armed Forces. Continuing education (CE) is something that is often talked about for those serving in the active duty Army, as well as the Army reserve and the National Guard.

Every Army base in the United States has an Education Office somewhere on the premises. A soldier can drop by this office to inquire about what options are available for him or her when it comes to continuing education. Online continuing education courses for Army personnel are one popular option because of the convenience and flexibility in scheduling. For active duty soldiers military-friendly colleges and universities are an excellent choice because the work can easily be made to fit the soldier’s job responsibilities. If learning more about your educational options is important to you then the sooner you can point yourself in the direction of the Education Office on your base the better!

Every soldier who is enlisted is required to take an Advanced Individual Training Course (AIT). This is the course that will train them for the specialty area they will be working in. Once this course has been completed and they are sent out on active duty for their very first assignment they are then encouraged to dedicate themselves to continuous learning. They are encouraged to take correspondence courses and online continuing education courses for Army personnel that relate to their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Other courses that can be fitting to any soldier include a basic soldier skills course that teaches first aid and NBC. A land navigation course would be very useful as well. In the Army, soldiers are rewarded with promotion points for every five credit hours of online courses or correspondence courses that they complete.

A test known as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test is available to members of the Army. This test is one that military members can take and if they pass the test they will then be awarded college level credits. The CLEP test is available in a variety of subjects such as English, math, science and a variety of specialties including computers and nursing. For those who meet the qualifications these tests can be taken at any time and do not cost a dime. The Education Office on base should have a list of what CLEP tests are presently available.

Online continuing education for Army personnel can provide a means for moving forward in your chosen career and can lead to a faster promotion. Still another option for CE credits is to look into the Tuition Assistance Program. This program is such that the military will pay for anywhere from 90 to 100 percent of college tuition for those who qualify for it. In this case financial assistance is offered to active duty soldiers who wish to obtain college credits in working towards earning a degree.