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Online Continuing Education Courses for Architects

Architects are professionals who have earned a license to practice architecture. They are trained in the planning and designing of buildings. They also oversee the construction of new buildings. The word architect comes from the Latin word “architectus” which in turn comes from the Greek root “arkhitekton” which means chief builder.

On a professional level the decisions made by an architect affect the safety of the public. For this reason specialized training and continuing education training is important of those in the architecture profession. Before being able to practice this profession advanced education must take place as well as a summer internship or practicum that will allow the student of architecture to gain experience in the field before earning their license to practice. The academic, practical and technical requirements for being an architect are not the same in all 50 states.

Online continuing education courses for architects is a viable means of keeping up on what is happening. When changes take place it is important to be aware of them in order to keep current with your job skills. More and more professionals in this industry are coming to appreciate the convenience of taking online continuing education courses for architects. CE courses are popular courses but are also a necessity in many states.

If an architect wants to learn a new skill in the industry then CE courses are the way to accomplish that. In some states in order to renew your license to practice architecture it is compulsory to take CE courses. An example of this would be in New York. Whether you must take continuing education courses to renew your license or to build on the expertise you already have, it is an excellent solution that can have many benefits for your future career prospects.

Changing technology is a part of the life of every architect. That is why improving your knowledge and skills are so essential to your success. You will be more valuable to the firm you work for if you keep current with the developments and trends in the industry.

Online continuing education courses for architects are not as readily available as they are for other professions. The reason for this is because hands-on studio design classes are required as well as such things as technical computer applications. An example of this would be AutoCAD. There are some courses however that you could find to take over the web.

Some examples of courses that would be included in an architecture continuing education program include design, engineering, urban and regional planning, interior design and landscape architecture. Take the time to explore your options and choose the courses that are most fitting to your job.

Your first stop for online continuing education courses for architects should be the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Here you can achieve your CE requirements and the learning goals that you have. Other places to look include the Contract Solutions Group, ConstructionEducation.com, KeepSmart.com and WebCE.

Keeping up with the constant changes in the architecture business is an integral aspect of being an architect. To ensure that you keep getting all of the best jobs you need to be as well trained and skilled as possible. Continuing education programs can make this a reality for you.

  • Janice Bissell //24 Jun 2011

    If you ever post another blog about CE for architects, please consider mentioning The Practitioner’s Resource. We develop self-paced online courses that focus on the social and design aspects of architecture rather than project or construction management. Even our ADA courses address human issues, covering the code and providing tips for creating better accessible designs. We’re a new business and we’re striving to change the face of CE courses for architects.

    Janice Bissell
    Owner, The Practitioner’s Resource