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by Don Miller - one comment
Online Adult Education Courses

If you have recently gone through a divorce and now you want to do something special for you and your children, you might consider taking online adult education courses.  If you currently work, you could take courses that would enhance current skills, putting you in a great position for a promotion.  If you were not working and need to secure a job, then earning a degree in one of the top markets would set you up for a secure and well-paying career.

The great thing about computers and high-speed internet is that you can find excellent, adult education courses online.  As a single mother, trying to find time to attend school would likely be challenging but having the ability to take courses or earn a degree from home makes this a real possibility.  While the children are in school, playing, watching television, or sleeping, you would have time to work on the assigned curriculum.

Best of all, most colleges that offer online adult education courses allow students to work at their own pace.  Therefore, you would not need to cram for tests or stay up studying the next lesson until the wee hours of the morning.  Instead, you work using a schedule that best fits your needs and lifestyle.  Obviously, as a single mother wanting to earn a higher education, this is a huge benefit.

Studies have been conducted specifically for single moms taking online adult education courses and the average ages are between 25 and 69.  In addition, more women use online education than men do.  With so many different colleges and virtually any course imaginable, the possibilities are endless.  After completing the courses or earning a degree, you would be empowered and qualified to apply for an amazing job while feeling proud of your accomplishment.

Over the past decade, the number of single moms going to college has increased by more than 10%.  Of course, raising your children and providing them with quality mom/child time is the priority and by taking online education courses, you would not need to sacrifice on being a great mom.  For this reason, choosing to learn via the internet makes perfect sense regardless of your situation.

Although most single moms choose to complete online adult education courses to prepare themselves to enter the workforce or to better existing skills for a current job, courses could be taken just for fun.  For instance, if you have always wanted to learn how to create websites for friends and family, have interest in learning a foreign language, or perhaps want to take courses to improve on parenting skills, then online adult education courses are available for this too.

The only thing we recommend is that you choose an accredited college.  That way, any courses you were to complete would apply toward a degree.  Additionally, accredited colleges are reputable so you know the curriculum is the most current being taught and that teachers and instructors have high quality skills and education to do their job.  Most importantly, for any online adult education courses have fun with the learning process.

  • Eliza Winters //10 Nov 2011

    Thanks for the post. I think it is really important for adults to continue in school. I think it is a great way to set an example for your children. I recently enrolled in massage continuing education and it’s fun to sit down with my kids and do our homework together. Thanks for the post!