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“No Prayer Power” book contains the Lord’s Prayer in His Aramaic language.

PRESS RELEASE (11/28/2013) – Have you ever wondered why your prayers seem without power? Do you want to know how to fellowship more intimately  with God?

Do you hunger to have God’s power released in your life through your prayers? Now you can.  In this intimate, penetrating book, you will  learn the profound spiritual principles, based upon decades of life experiences and thousands of hours of prayer, on how to open the windows of heaven in your own life and learn how to release God’s power in your life.

What is especially unique in this book of 148 pages that no other book on prayer has is the Lord’s prayer written in the Aramaic language that  Christ spoke phonetically so you can read it and pronounce it easily. This is found on pages 70,71.  Rev. John Booko is an Assyrian and knows his native language of Aramaic.

The book sells for $19.95, but I am offering at a special sale of my cost of $10.00 plus $3.00 postage. Send check to Rev. John Booko, 200 S. Hooker Ave., Three Rivers, MI 49093. 

Rev. Gary Bergel, former president of Intercessors for America says about Rev.Booko’s book “Both you and your prayer life will be transformed  by reading this new book. I can guarantee that because I have spent real time in the place of prayer and concerted intercession with John. He fellowships with  God intimately, hears from God, and knows the power of God released through prayer from decades of life experience.”

John Booko was born in Chicago of Assyrian parents who came to America from Iraq.  He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II where he received Christ as his Savior and his call into the ministry.  He holds a Bachelor of Theology from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago and a Master of Arts degree from Northwestern University.  He has served as pastor in three Baptist Churches in Michigan and is the founding pastor of  the interdenominational Riverside Church. He was married to his deceased wife, Burnell, for 62 years. They raised four children and are grandparents to fifteen. He has served as a representative for Intercessors For America and has written three other books “Assyrian- The Forgotten Nation In Prophecy,” The Assyrian Revelation,” and “Abundant Blessings From My 60 Years of Ministering..” He speaks in America and in many foreign nations, once meeting with the president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, in his presidential office in Cairo and prayed with him.

Chapters in Rev. Booko’s book are Prayer Power, My Personal Approach to Prayer, Lessons From the Model Prayer,, Believing Prayer, How to Talk to Father God,, The New model Prayer, Six Hindrances to Answered Prayer.