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NexTable welcomes Firebirds Wood Fired Grill as the latest restaurant group to use NexTable’s Next Generation iPad App and Cloud-based System

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/1/2014) – NexTable, which provides a complete front-of-the-house management system enabling restaurants to fill more tables, retain diners and increase profits, announced today that Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, a Charlotte based restaurant group with over 30 units around the country and growing, is now accepting real-time reservations online via NexTable.  Firebirds Wood Fired Grill joins several other high-profile restaurants in the Charlotte area, including The Cowfish, eeZ Fusion, Miro Spanish Grille, Zen Fusion, Cosmo Cafe, Basil Thai and Queen City Q, to use NexTable.  NexTable is excited to be able to serve over one hundred restaurants.  NexTable’s vision is to help independent restaurants, hotel/resort restaurants, and restaurant groups to improve customer service, customer retention, and operational efficiency. NexTable is ideal for restaurants that are doing well and need to consistently provide “excellent” service to customers using NexTable technology.

In addition to accepting real-time online reservations, Firebirds utilizes NexTable to provide guests with SMS Text and Email confirmations. NexTable also manages the wait list by alerting guests with a text message when their table is ready along with any relevant marketing messages. Guests are also able to text the restaurant with updates to their status (e.g. “change my reservation from 6:00PM to 6:30PM” or “I am on the way”). Links to the restaurant website or a YouTube video to enhance the guest experience can be embedded in text messages.  Busy restaurants such as Firebirds can optimize table capacity with NexTable’s proprietary innovative technology that does thousands of complex calculations to provide simple information that guides and informs the Host/Servers/Managers. 

NexTable provides an electronic guestbook that tracks individual guest preferences and history such as favorite wines, meals, allergies, special occasions, repeat visits (VIP Status), and much more.  This data is instantly synchronized to all restaurants in the Firebirds organization taking Customer Relationship Management to the next level. This means that a guest will enjoy the same superior service for every visit at any restaurant within the Firebirds’ group. 

Unlike other online reservation and restaurant management tools, NexTable does not charge multiple additional fees (for example, fees per diner) in addition to a monthly fee, and most importantly, the customer relationship is kept private between the customer and the restaurant.  NexTable offers an affordable monthly fee starting at $59, with no contract, and no set up or training fees. All prospective restaurant clients have a two-month free trial period. “We built NexTable as an innovative set of tools to help restaurants everywhere, and we’re thrilled to add Firebirds, a very successful group, to our growing list of restaurants,” said Phong Luong, NexTable CEO. “We’re excited to be a part of the dynamic restaurant scene, not only here in Charlotte but throughout the world.”

About NexTable:

NexTable, headquartered in Charlotte, NC was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and technologists intent upon improving the restaurant experience for both restaurant owners and guests. Through a revolutionary, proprietary iPad App and Cloud-based System, NexTable provides a complete front-of-the-house technology solution to multiple problems experienced by the restaurant/hospitality industry, namely how to enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiencies.  NexTable provides advanced online restaurant reservations, intelligent table management tools and marketing solutions to allow restaurants everywhere to efficiently fill tables, manage high volume walk-in diners and administer call ahead lists. 

To learn more, visit: www.nextable.com

Contact: Phong@NexTable.com or 888.962.9998 Ext. 700