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New York City Parents Countdown to the Gifted and Talented Testing to Commence in 60 Days

PRESS RELEASE (11/13/2013)- In just sixty short days tens of thousands of New York City students from 4 years old to 8 years old begin the annual pilgrimage to take the NNAT® -2 test and OLSAT® test to get a coveted spot in one of gifted and talented programs in the most competitive schools in the city.  Luckily, parents of these talented tots have TestingMom.com– an internet company that specializes in knowledge enrichment that includes online gifted and talented test and private school admissions test preparation. Testing Mom just announced they now offer NNAT®-2 test practice questions in a web interface that’s compatible with an PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or tablet. Both parents and children will be thrilled with this new, interactive addition to the hundreds of thousands of practice questions now offered on the site for gifted and talented testing and the common core test prep.

In an environment as competitive as the New York City gifted  and talented admissions, there is no limit to the amount of time, energy, and effort parents will spend in helping their child to succeed to avoid the sticker shock price in excess of $40,000 a year for a private school kindergarten in New York. Co-founder Michael McCurdy said “Tutoring and retail outlets often charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for their services, while TestingMom.com makes it affordable for everyone. We’ve leveled out the playing field so any parent, especially those parents who may be on a tight budget, can afford our service.”

TestingMom.com hopes that the thousands gifted and talented practice test questions on the site, some of which are modeled after the OLSAT test (Otis-Lennon School Abilities Test) and the NNAT -2 test (Naglieri Non-verbal Abilities Test®), will help parents determine the amount of preparation their child will need in order to be accepted. The OLSAT® test is one of the tests required of children applying to New York City‘s gifted and talented public schools.

Testing Mom has 100 free practice questions for parents and for their members has hundreds of thousands of practice questions and an extensive inventory of original test prep materials for commonly-used intelligence tests, including the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales®, the WPPSI®-IV -ERB test (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence®), the Bracken School Readiness Assessment, the CogAT® (Cognitive Abilities Test), and the NNAT®-2 (Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test®). Most recently Testing Mom has been focusing on preparation for the common core standards testing that is due to be implemented to 45 states by the end of 2015.

About Testing Mom: Testing Mom, LLC is an online-based membership service based out of Texas. The site is for parents seeking prep materials and expert guidance on gifted and talented programs and knowledge enrichment for their child . The company was founded in 2010 by Karen Quinn, author of the New York Times Bestselling The Ivy Chronicles and Testing for Kindergarten and inventor of IQ Fun Park: Test Prep Disguised as a Game, and Michael McCurdy, one of the most popular “daddy bloggers” in New York City with his New York City Gifted and Talented Blog.