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New TurboTax 2014 Features and Discounts for Online Tax Software

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/27/14 — TurboTax Online is an incredibly easy to use software which millions of Americans have used before to file their income taxes in a matter of minutes. With the new tax season in full swing, published author and personal income taxes expert Frank Ellis has written an article detailing the various new additions and discounts for the 2014 online version of TurboTax.

Those who are already fans of the software will learn valuable information about these new features and how they can be used to save taxpayers even more of their hard earned money, while new TurboTax users gain valuable insight into the potential that this amazing software offers them.

One of the newest features at TurboTax online is a military edition of their software specifically designed for people who were active members of the armed forces during the 2013 calendar year. 

As Ellis explains, the version was created by tax preparation experts who had been in the military themselves and takes into account the unique situations that military families and individuals face, including the handling of combat pay, various deductions, and other important financial items that aren’t accounted for very well in the general online version of the software.

The personalized interview feature returns in the 2014 versions of TurboTax, but this time it is improved through the use of graphics to give the user a greater understanding of where various figures such as income and taxes paid can be found on important documents like the 1099 and W2 form. This helps to further reduce the likelihood that mistakes will happen while also avoiding possible confusion.

Finally, for online customers, the new My TurboTax feature is a great way to stay up to date on the status of tax returns and the processing of refunds. This feature can easily be accessed through mobile devices and is a convenient way to know what is happening at any one moment concerning a filed tax return.

Those who are considering doing their own taxes this year are urged to check out the article “Turbo Tax 2014 Discount Coupon Code” written by Frank Ellis for more details about the 2014 edition of the software and how best to use it in order to ensure accuracy, ease of use, and maximum savings.