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New Substance Abuse Helpline Provides Assistance to Teens in Oneida, NY

A new helpline in Oneida, NY provides young addicts with reliable information on addiction rehab and recovery programs.

Young adults in Oneida struggle with drug and alcohol addiction just like adults. Unfortunately, many teens are afraid to ask for assistance when their substance abuse begins to grow out of control. The fear of being judged by family and friends often stops young addicts from getting proper help. A new helpline in Oneida was established to provide a valuable resource for adolescents seeking to overcome their alcohol or drug dependency.

The new helpline provides callers with accurate information on drug and alcohol rehab facilities and the treatment options available to young addicts. By calling (315) 366-4348, teens can speak directly to a certified addiction professional who can address any questions or concerns pertaining to substance abuse. Parents are encouraged to use the helpline to learn about which treatment centers give their child the best opportunity to achieve sobriety. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at www.drugrehaboneida.com

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause long-term physical, mental and emotional trauma. The sooner these potentially life-threatening issues are addressed and treated, the better a child’s chances of realizing a bright future.  Substance abuse is a disease which requires immediate treatment. The helpline encourages parents on the best options of where to enroll their child for an inpatient treatment program.

About the helpline:

If your child is struggling with substance abuse, call the helpline today. The helpline can provide anyone with important information on drug rehab centers, treatment programs and the guidance and support every young addict needs. For more information, please call (315) 366-4348 or visit their website at www.drugrehaboneida.com