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New Substance Abuse Helpline in Union, FL Provides Assistance for Addicts

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/21/14 – Long-term drug and alcohol addiction can cause significant trauma to a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, countless people in Union Park, FL struggle with a chemical dependency on a daily basis. Many of these addicts are unaware of where to get proper treatment for their addiction.  But thanks to a new helpline, anyone suffering from substance abuse can get the right advice and learn where to get treatment to overcome their disease.

By calling (321) 234-1286, addicts can speak directly to a certified addiction professional who can address any questions or concerns they may have about substance abuse. Operators are available at all hours to take anyone’s call. The helpline is designed to provide information on treatment options available at various drug rehab facilities. The helpline also has a corresponding website at www.drugrehab-unionpark.com which contains more comprehensive information.

Getting the right advice can be crucial for anyone seeking to overcome addiction. Rehab centers provide a variety of treatments including drug and alcohol detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy as well as education programs available for teens and adolescents. The sooner a person receives help, the better their chances for regaining control and living a happy, healthy life.

The helpline can offer hope to anyone in Union Park, FL and the surrounding areas that are willing to end  the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Regardless of your age or situation, there are a wide variety of treatment programs which can address the needs of any addict. If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, call the helpline today and take the first steps on the road to sobriety.

About the helpline:

For many years, those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse in Union Park, FL had little access to information about drug and alcohol rehab.  By calling (321) 234-1286, addicts can speak with certified addiction professionals who can provide information on rehab facilities, guidance and support. More comprehensive information can be found on the helpline’s website at www.drugrehab-unionpark.com.