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New Helpline Provides Substance abuse Recovery Information for Young Adults

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/26/14 —Teenager drug and alcohol substance abuse has long been a serious problem in Eustis, FL. Each day countless teenagers regularly abuse drugs and alcohol. Until recently, little information was available for young adults seeking to overcome their alcohol and drug dependency. A new helpline has been established in Eustis to end this vicious cycle and give adolescents with substance abuse issues hope for a brighter future.

Parents and their adolescents can access the helpline by calling (352) 358-0842. The helpline gives teenagers the opportunity to speak directly to certified substance abuse professionals. These highly-trained experts can provide information drug rehab, guidance and support. The helpline is available 24/7 and additional information can be found on its corresponding website at www.alcoholismtreatment-eustis.com

Timing is crucial, when it comes to effective rehab. Rehab facilities provide a variety of treatment options including individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis, drug and alcohol detox, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mandatory education programs. Although a heavy emphasis has been placed on helping adolescents find assistance, adults can also use the helpline to find proper help. Addiction can ruin the lives of anyone regardless of age, race, gender or social standing. The helpline gives addicts a fighting chance to overcome their disease and take the first steps on the road to sobriety.

About the helpline:

Reversing the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse is an important issue in Eustis, FL. That’s why a   new helpline has been established to provide adolescents and young addicts with the information they need to get proper help from an accredited drug and alcohol rehab facility. The helpline is available at all hours and can be accessed by calling (352) 358-0842 or visiting www.alcoholismtreatment-eustis.com.