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New Helpline in Macedonia Assists Adolescents Seeking Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/12/14 –Teenagers who have developed a serious alcohol and drug addiction are often afraid to come forward and seek help. Many fear their parents or friends will judge them or will be disappointed.  Speaking with an unbiased third party can help put the situation into perspective to an adolescent who wants to stop using drugs and alcohol. A new helpline in Macedonia is giving young adults a forum where they can discuss their addiction issues.  The helpline provides callers with important recovery information along with guidance and support.

The helpline can be reached by calling (330) 648-5604. Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse is encouraged to call the helpline at any time of the day or evening.  Receiving help from certified addiction professionals can help make the process easier and safer.  Callers can learn which rehab facilities and treatment programs can help them achieve and maintain sobriety.

The helpline also has an informative website, www.drugrehab-Macedonia.com, where teens and their parents can visit and learn more about adolescent rehab programs. Having this reliable information available can help young adults make the right decisions when it comes to achieving their goals for sobriety and recovery.  Knowing more about all of the available treatment options can help a teenager decide what type of treatment to seek when they want to attend an inpatient treatment facility.

About the helpline:

Those who are seeking help for a substance abuse problem are strongly advised to get immediate help from a professional drug rehab center. Macedonia’s adolescent rehab helpline is a valuable resource that can aid people in finding the rehab program that can help them get sober. Call the helpline at (330) 648-5604 or send an email to mail@drugrehab-Macedonia.com for more information.