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New Helpline a Valuable Resource for Teenage Addicts

A new helpline in Little Falls, NJ is assisting adolescents find drug and alcohol treatment.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/25/2014) – Teenagers who suffer from substance abuse in Little Falls, NJ have a new resource to find proper help for their drug or alcohol addiction. The new helpline  has been established to provide valuable information about rehab and can direct teens and their parents on which facilities can best address their drug and alcohol dependency

By calling (973)200-6059, young adults can speak directly to a certified addiction professional who can address any questions or concerns about their substance abuse. Operators are available 24/7 to provide valuable information about rehab as well as guidance and support to any teen that needs assistance for their chemical dependency. Parents can use the helpline to learn more about treatment programs available along with information on which rehab facilities give their child the best chance for recovery. More comprehensive information can be found at the helpline’s website at www.drugrehab-littlefalls.com

The sooner a child receives help for their addiction, the better their chances of achieving sobriety and living a healthy, happy lifestyle. Treatment options available at rehab facilities can help any addict regardless of age, gender or social standing get the proper help they need. Accredited rehab facilities can provide drug detox, individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis and mandatory education program. The road to recovery can start by just making a phone call or using your computer.

About the helpline:

Finding a rehab center for teenagers in Little Falls, NJ has long been an obstacle for young adults struggling with substance abuse. By establishing a new helpline, local teens can find solutions to their addiction issues and begin enrolling at an accredited drug rehab facility. Simply call (973) 200-6059 or go online and visit www.drugrehab-littlefalls.com today.