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New Beachwood Helpline Provides Hope for Teenage Addiction Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/24/14Teenage drug and alcohol abuse isn’t just a serious problem in Beachwood, NJ. It’s also a serious concern throughout the state.  Unfortunately, a large portion of young adults who develop a substance abuse problem are unaware of their disease and lack the resources to find proper treatment. Many attempt to get advice from their parents and friends. But when it comes to overcoming a drug or alcohol dependency, it takes the assistance of certified addiction specialists. A new helpline has been established in Beachwood, NJ to provide a valuable resource for your teens seeking to beat substance abuse. 

The helpline is available to not only teens, but also anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. By calling (732) 564-6782, addicts can speak directly to a caring addiction professional who can provide information on drug rehab, guidance and support. The helpline is available 24/7 and callers can learn about the various treatment options available at accredited drug and alcohol rehab facilities. Parents can use the helpline to learn about which treatment centers give their child the best chance to succeed in rehab. The helpline also has a corresponding website at www.drugrehab-beachwood.com which provides more comprehensive information

The benefits of proper rehabilitation are priceless. Rehab facilities can provide drug and alcohol detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy as well as mandatory educational programs for teenage addicts. Regardless of your age or situation, there are a wide variety of treatment options available for anyone seeking sobriety. The sooner an addict receives assistance, the better their chance for regaining control of their life.  If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, call the helpline today and take the first steps on the road to recovery.

About the helpline:

For many years, little information on drug and alcohol rehab was available for those struggling with addiction in Beachwood, NJ. By calling the new helpline at (732) 564-6782, addicts can learn valuable information on treatment options available at various rehab centers and which facilities can provide the best help for their situation. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at www.drugrehab-beachwood.com.