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New Addiction Helpline Provides Information on Adolescent Addiction Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/07/14 — The first step to addiction recovery is usually the admission to a drug or alcohol problem. There are a variety of treatment centers available for adults.  But finding a place to get help isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult for teenagers.  There are several different treatment options available to a person looking to achieve sobriety. Choosing the right one is crucial. To help young adults in Rocky Point, NY recieve the proper help they need, a new helpline has been established to provide a valuable resource for teens seeking to overcome their addiction issues.  

The helpline can be reached by simply calling (631) 240-4724. Teen addicts can immediately gain access to information on the latest treatment options available at rehab facilities. Certified addiction professionals are available at all hours address any questions of concerns pertaining to drug or alcohol dependency. The helpline is designed to provide information, guidance and support to anyone struggling with addiction. Parents can utilize the helpline to learn about which treatment centers can provide their child with the best opportunity to return to a sober and healthy lifestyle. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at www.drugrehab-rockypoint.com .

One of the obstacles facing young addicts is the constant stream of misinformation. Many teenagers are influenced by what they hear or see from the media or their friends. By receiving help from addiction recovery specialists, young addicts are placed in the best position to succeed and realize a bright future.

About the helpline:

To address the teen drug and alcohol problem in Rocky, Point, a new helpline has been created to provide information on where to receive assistance. The helpline is a great resource for anyone who is seeking to overcome addiction. Contact the helpline today by calling (631) 240-4724 or send an email to mail@drugrehab-rockypoint.com.