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NET LIFE Officially Launches its Non-Recourse Consumer Auto Leasing Program and Takes the Auto Industry to a New Level

Much like the NET LIFE LCMO® and LCDO® products, the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® does not rely on the consumer’s credit to lease a car; only the ability to pay.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Washington DC, — (Monday, February 3, 2014)

NET LIFE Financial is announcing the launch of the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®.

The NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® will provide two very new and essential elements to the auto industry:

For the Consumer:  a no-hassle and direct opportunity to lease a new car ever three (3) years making new vehicles available to all consumers regardless of their credit or credit history.

For the Auto Manufacturer:  an opportunity to better gauge their production and sales, thereby, lending more time and attention to vehicle cost, quality, safety and service.

The NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® works very much like the non-recourse NET LIFE LCMO® and LCDO® products, however, rather than leveraging real estate or other non-depreciating assets, the auto lease program creates an inverted LCDO® (Life Collateralized Debt Obligation) which takes into consideration the depreciating asset; an automobile.  By inverting the depreciation of the vehicle over time (3 years), NET LIFE is able to creatively utilize the vehicle depreciation to maximize the LCDO® return, hence, providing consumers with a roll-over non-recourse auto lease for thee (3) years at a time.

“The NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® will change the auto industry forever,” states Mr. Michael Giuliani, National Director of NET LIFE Auto Sales and Leasing.  “Consumers can now shop for cars based upon what they want, need and can afford; not according to their credit or credit history.”

This new program will make leasing a new car every three (3) years virtually effortless and can be conveniently accomplished in a direct and no-hassle way on a computer or mobile device through the NET LIFE Online Auto Mall® (website coming soon).  Consumers will simply log-on to the NET LIFE Online Auto Mall® website and follow the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® instructions, answer some questions, fill-out an online form, print and sign in the comfort of their home, office or while mobile.  Once they submit their information and upon completion of the processing (within a few days or less), they will receive an online notification including the time and place for which to execute originals and pick-up their new vehicle.

More details are soon to come and will be made available through the NET LIFE Online Auto Mall® and NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® websites.


NET LIFE is the originator of the LCMO® and LCDO® mortgage and lending products.  Both of these instruments are comprised of commonly used industry-standard mechanisms; a mortgage and a life insurance policy.  When the mortgage and policy are combined, an LCMO® or an LCDO® is created and becomes the most innovative method of non-recourse residential or commercial financing ever made available in the United States or abroad.

NET LIFE Financial is a Private Equity Fund which is wholly owned and operated by its managing members through its primary holding company; a Washington D.C. based statutory trust.  The statutory trust structure of operation ensures complete transparency.  NET LIFE Financial has chosen PriceWaterhouseCoopers for its quarterly audits and will make all financial reporting available through its corporate website located at:  www.NETLIFEFinancial.com/financials.


To learn more about NET LIFE Financial, the NET LIFE LCMO®, the NET LIFE LCDO® or specifically about the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®, please contact Mr. Michael Giuliani, Director, NET LIFE National Auto Sales and Leasing Division.


Mr. Michael Giuliani, National Director
NET LIFE Auto Sales and Leasing Division
NET LIFE Financial National Headquarters
1901 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20006
USA Headquarters:  +1.571.249.4257
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/NET_Life_Tweets
eMail:  autoleasing@NETLIFEFinancial.com