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NET LIFE Financial: All for Funds and Funds for All

The cry for “change” is being answered by NET LIFE Financial with its one-stop-shop of non-recourse mortgage, lending and auto leasing programs; credit is no longer an issue in America.

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Washington DC (2/4/2014) –

Since 2013, NET LIFE Financial has been testing, perfecting and now implementing its NET LIFE LCMO® and LCDO® products; a service which provides individuals, businesses and corporations non-recourse mortgages and lending through a creative cross-leverage concept (read more about it at www.NETLIFEFinancial.com).  Equally as revolutionary, NET LIFE recently entered the auto industry by initiating its NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® (a three year roll-over non-recourse auto lease program); a similar program to the LCMO® and LCDO® products, however, rather than using appreciating collateral (such as real estate), depreciating collateral is used (the automobile).

“As of today, we have applications and pending LCMO® and LCDO® business in excess of $1 Billion, thanks to a direct relationship NET LIFE has with one of the nation’s largest and leading CPA networks,” states Daniel Logan, Senior Client Relationship Manager.  “The benefits of the relationship with a national CPA group is that they meticulously review and verify applications and/or projects from all over the nation well before we do; if they don’t pass their reviews, they won’t pass ours.”

One of NET LIFE’s greatest concerns has been its ability to service all of the LCMO® and LCDO® applications along with the Auto Lease Program® applications.  “Our Board of Directors has been planning for the tremendous influx of business; this is where we depend on technology, and the web,” said Eli Hoffman, IT Operations Manager.  “NET LIFE will be utilizing an eApplication portal for all LCMO®, LCDO® and Auto Lease Program® applications.  This will not only expedite the application process, but will aid in the packaging of the LCMO® or LCDO® which, in turn, speeds-up the funding process.”

The NET LIFE products are extremely unique in their simplicity and have evolved by dissecting proven yet, failing, products of the past and improving them by adding what they were missing.  As an example, the CMO (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations) is still being produced by banks and the Federal Government today, yet they remain the same volatile and unchanged security which bankrupted so many institutions and put so many people into foreclosure.  However, NET LIFE has developed the LCMO (Life Collateralized Mortgage Obligation), a life insurance guaranteed CMO; something the CMO of the past was missing; a guarantee – principal and interest (P&I) secured.  With the LCMO, NET LIFE relies upon hard assets and firm guarantees; not credit history or credit reporting – a severely failed system that is unreliable and inaccurate.

“NET LIFE is going one step further into the future and aligning our very own life insurance company, property and casualty insurance company, an SEC licensed broker-dealer, the NET LIFE Private Bank, and the NET LIFE Launch® program,” said Alex Porter, Managing Director.  “The insurance, brokerage and banking divisions are a sure-fit for our programs.  Overall, consumers, business and major institutions will be able to come to NET LIFE for all their financial needs.”

NET LIFE Launch® is one of NET LIFE’s newest programs and has been specifically designed for start-up companies and/or companies already in business which seek growth capital; something nearly 90% of US businesses struggle with annually.  “Our nations businesses are strong, innovative and aggressive, but they cannot start or grow without capital,” said Paul Millstone, Director of Research and Development.  “The concept is as simple and effective as all our other programs.  NET LIFE will act as your financial equity partner in either a start-up or growth scenario in exchange for a portion of ownership in the company.  NET LIFE’s portion can be bought-out at any time or within the time allocated under contract.”

In an aggressive attempt to “organize before the storm”, NET LIFE is actively seeking to merge with or buy-out several entities such as banks, life insurance companies, property and casualty insurance companies, and SEC registered broker-dealers nationwide.  “It is 2014 and, unfortunately, we are still utilizing and relying upon systems, concepts and methods that have failed time and again.  Yet, we suffer our losses, lick our wounds and go back to the same madness.  This has to change and that is exactly what NET LIFE is doing.”


NET LIFE is the originator of the LCMO®, LCDO® mortgage and lending products and the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®.  All of the NET LIFE products are comprised of commonly used industry-standard mechanisms; an asset and a life insurance policy.  When the asset and policy are combined, an LCMO® or an LCDO® is created and becomes the most innovative method of non-recourse financing ever to be made available in the United States or abroad.

NET LIFE Financial is a Private Equity Fund which is wholly owned and operated by its managing members through its primary holding company; a Washington D.C. based statutory trust.  The statutory trust structure of operation ensures complete transparency to the general public.  NET LIFE Financial has chosen PriceWaterhouseCoopers for its quarterly audits and will make all financial reporting available through its corporate website located at:  www.NETLIFEFinancial.com/financials.


To learn more about NET LIFE Financial, the NET LIFE LCMO®, the NET LIFE LCDO®, the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®, the NET LIFE Private Bank, and the NET LIFE Launch® program, please contact our Product Support Team at:  product.support@NETLIFEFinancial.com.

NET LIFE Product Support
NET LIFE Financial National Headquarters
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USA Headquarters:  +1.571.249.4257
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