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msWoods Real Estate, LLC Upgrades Website, Offers Dynamically-Driven Features

LIGHTNING RELEASES- Indianapolis, January 31, 2014:  msWoods Real Estate, LLC, an Indianapolis Real Estate brokerage, announced the completion of a dynamic, data-driven real estate search website that includes a new, menu-based search system, search management features and a map-based search tool.

The system generates MLS listings via an IDX feed drawn directly from the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (MIBOR). Twice per hour, the system scans the entire MLS, looking for changes, such as new listings, expired listings, changes in listing status, etc. The new data are sent to the msWoods database, and the website is updated accordingly.

This data-driven process, combined with the company’s new advanced search features, offers users an “unprecedented level of granularity with respect to the available search filters,” says broker/owner Mike Woods.

“The new site was designed in-house from the ground up. Now, someone looking for a 3-bedroom, golf-course home on a cul-de-sac, located in a gated community with mature trees, a walk-out basement, first-floor master, etc., can find it; whereas previously, you’d have to take the time to read through numerous property descriptions, and that was very frustrating and time-consuming,” he said.

Other features include a search management toolbar by which users can save individual listings to “favorites,” as well as save entire combinations of search criteria for one-click execution at a later time.

The map search interface represents the most recent addition to the site. It offers click-and-drag navigation capability, combined with many of the same advanced search filters that are available on the non-map search.