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Bradenton FL- 10/24/2013 Mr. America, Val Vasilef actor and author of Russian Bear Journey to Mr. America and Choose Right Guy Live Wealthy releases his third book: Twisted Love, a steamy and treacherous romance novel about envy, betrayal, lust and dire consequences. Who is Vaughn Temple? Is he the kind, upstanding, world-renowned billionaire of high moral character that everyone knows him to be? The man behind the scientific development of an infinite source of clean, efficient energy and the pioneer of moon colonization, may have a dark secret. Some of Vaughn’s closest female colleagues have recently had various encounters with a demented sexual side of the man they’ve so long respected. He has perpetuated vile, demeaning acts, leaving behind a trail of confused, degraded women, or could there be an imposter set out to destroy him?

His reputation of impeccable moral standards is now becoming questionable. Will he stand to lose his vast empire or will another twist of fate reveal a deeper truth? Val’s other books have received 5 star rating on amazon and all three books are currently for sale. Russian Bear Journey to Mr. America is an inspirational success story of Val Vasilef that begins at the age of 8. Against all odds of poverty and discrimination, Val shows how a person can come from the depths of hell to be a world prominent figure. Excelling as a world class athlete, business entrepreneur and a polished television entertainer.

Val says, “Come with me through my life story and see how you also can become successful if you choose.” Financial opportunity is presented to anyone who wishes to grab the brass ring. Choose Right Guy Live Wealthy tells us that yes, some fairy tales can come true. This real life Cinderella did become a princess after meeting her prince; finally she met The Right Guy. After many failed attempts at love with all the wrong guys, she finally found someone worthwhile to lift her spirits and change her life for the better. Read about Stacy’s personal trials and errors that she learned through her hardships in the wrong type of relationships. Stacy outlines an invaluable list of “must haves” for choosing your perfect man. Learn more about our Cinderella and much more in a book that will show you what to look for; what type of guys to avoid and how to pick the right guy that will make all your luxurious dreams come true!

Order Online: http://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Love-Val-Vasilef/dp/0578127962/ref=sr_1_31?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382651582&sr=1-31&keywords=twisted+love