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Modi-NRI’s to Challenge him in 2014-Vikram Bajwa,Indian Overseas Congress

Tampa, Florida. Shohba Ben Patel. India’s Lok Sabha Elections in 2014, have been launched here in Tampa Florida, with OFBJP, annual conference, addressed by Chief Minister Gujarat Narendra Modi, for Mission India-272.

Speaking to reaction of concluded OFBJP, Conference, President Indian Overseas Congress Vikram  Bajwa, who also was an executive Member of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, U.S.A., who confirmed that the CWC-USA., has sent 10 NRI Names, to AICC President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who are professionals, businessmen and Women CEO’s., interested to face and contest against Narendra Modi, from Gujarat, since they feel it is an important election for India and NRI, participation can tilt the balance of Power in 2014. Mahesh Gupta of OFBJP, too seems to be interested to contest in Lok Sabha 2014, “we will help improve BJP count in Lok Sabha”, said Gupta. Shakeel Patel NRI  of Ahmedabad, from Chicago was skeptical on the imaginary figure of BJP-272, terming it as a “dream of Narendra Modi”, predicting an absolute majority for UPA, due to the fact the minorities Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, SC., have been polarized, who will vote against BJP.

US and Canada NRI’s have set a new Mission for India, which includes participation and to be a part of any debate undertaken by Chief Minister Modi, Gen.Secretary Digvijay Singh, on the Governance, development, education, employment, Human Rights and National Integration. Global Indians, President Krishnan Thomas, expressed, his support for Aam Admi Party, which will hurt, both the Congress and BJP, but eventually be part of the UPA, for their common Agenda. According to a Poll, 68 % NRI’s in USA and Canada, do not see an absolute majority for either BJP or Congress in 2014, thus the failure of “Mission-272”, 23 % NRI’s give 160 seats to BJP, 195 to Congress, the rest to be shared by BSP, CPI, TMC, TDP, AIADMK, DMK, Akali Dal, which makes the Regional players like Mulayam SIngh Yadav, Laloo Prasad, Mamta Banerjee, Mayawati, Badal’s, more in demand, during  the run up, to the Lok Sabha-2014.

Young NRI’s in majority support Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of India, due to the External Image of CM.Narendra Modi, his passive role in 2002 Riots, in Gujarat. Mainstream US and Canadian Citizens, after witnessing Saddam Hussain, Ghadafy, Hosni Mumbarak, want to see a secular India, who can do business with USA and Canada. Amber Martinez of Tampa Florida, welcomes Indian participation in their economy and education, mentioned ” A Right Wing Leadership in India, will upset the balance of education in India”, thus wants Dr. Manmohan Singh to remain the Prime Minister of India in 2014, for another term. “Dr. Singh and President Obama need Four more years to accomplish, common Interests of minorities, in US and India”, said Dr. John Stewart of Boston College of Political Science.

Dr. Mahesh Patil of OFBJP,was not impressed by Modi’s Video-speech, strongly feels Old Veteran L.K.Advani, is a better face  for BJP.