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Modi Mission 272 Jinxed with US Afghanistan Withdrawal, Vikram Bajwa Indian Overseas Congress

Washington DC. Michael Jenkins. President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to begin formally preparing for a complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, by the end of this year, has implications on the foreign policy of United States, Canada, England, Pakistan, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Pakistan Foreign Affairs has declared “the zero option means a civil war in Afghanistan”, speaking on condition of anonymity.

There has been a debate generated by think tanks in Washington DC, as to the Post scenario of Muslim Republic of Afghanistan, after US and NATO withdrawal, which will dominate the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

India Research and Policy Centre, in U.S., with inputs from various Foreign ministers, of the Asian countries, are convinced it will have impacts in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Center for Media and Security in Washington D.C. has termed the departure of US Forces would likely create “mayhem”, in Kabul, country, which could ultimately prompt one-third of Afghan security forces to desert their posts in the Army and police, impacting stability in Pakistan and India.

Obama has left the door open, for President Hamid Karzai’s successor, to be chosen in National Elections in April, to sign the pact, which coincides with the Lok Sabha Elections in India. According to reports, in the US and Canadian Media, BJP led by Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s, party will be heavily effected by US-Afghanistan agreement of peacekeeping. India’s UPA Government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, all along has supported NATO forces, maintaining cordial relations with Afghanistan, which are in the process of change in Kabul and Islamabad, due to the foreign policy spoken by BJP leaders and Modi. Karzai, Islamabad, Beijing are very skeptical of BJP forming the next Government in New Delhi, which could escalate a ‘war of words”, in India’s Elections and the minority fears, could backlash on India’s democratic values.

Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa, strongly feels, “its time for Modi to go to Kabul and Islamabad, after his inflammable speeches as guardian of India”. FIIA Chairman Chandrakant Patel, fears a backlash in India, after US Withdrawal in Afghanistan, “Modi moves are jeopardizing hard won gains in India’s fabric, since Independence, his BJP Mission 272 is jinxed”.

Washington and Ottawa Think tanks are closely monitoring the India Elections and it’s verbatim, to comply with the New World order, maintaining peace in India, which has become a question, with Modi’s Presidential style campaign for the BJP, remarked Dr. Adam Stewart, of Boston School of Politics.