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Modi & Badal accelerating-Khalistan in India-Indian Overseas Congress

Surrey BC.Canada. According to a report published by India Newspapers and discussed on TC Channels, across the Country, by National Commission for Minorities, on the issue of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, ordering “Sikhs”, in Gujarat sell their lands and return to Punjab, citing the Bombay Tenancy and Agriculture Lands Act, 1948, has accelerated the calls in Canada, USA, for “Khalistan”, in Punjab India. NRI organizations which promote the policy of Secular India, “have lost their words”, to this recent act of Gujarat Government, CM Modi initiated his maiden Campaign from Punjab, with the blessings of Chief Minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal.

Federation of Indo-Americans, Indo-Canadians, condemn the Anti-Sikh, Muslim ( minorities) act of Gujarat Government and are weary of Modi’s Leadership to lead India. Radio Talk Shows held in Surrey, Toronto, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, where majority of the comments were Anti-Punjab Government, of their unflinching support to the candidacy of Prime Ministership of Narendra Modi. Callers are in a grip of Fear, when Rajbir Sandhu said : If Modi becomes Prime Minister of India, he will adopt the same policy to order Sikhs and Muslims out of India”, thus accelerating the calls for Khalistan, among NRI-Sikhs. Indian Overseas President Vikram Bajwa, feels “tensions will rise with Pakistan, if muslims are ordered to leave India and go to Pakistan”, war is eminent if Modi is Prime Minister of India, said Gen.Secretary Sunil Malhotra. Harry Sandhu of Akali Dal, advises Sukhbir Badal,” to think deeper on support to Modi as Prime Minister”. George Ibraham, of Muslims of USA, feels “minorities will not be safe in India, anymore”, we will approach President Obama, on the matter of security, if BJP wins in 2014.

PPCC President Partap Bajwa, has demanded an answer from C.M. Badal, on the issue, which has not changed the ideology of Prime Ministerial candidate of B.J.P., said ” Harish Sinha of Overseas Friends of BJP, who joined Indian Overseas Congress, mentioning “India will never be the same”.

Khalistan activists, Khalistan Affairs Council, Sikhs Justice USA,  Sikh Council Canada, World Sikh Organizations, all have condemned the acts of the Gujarat Government and the Shiromani Akali Dal, support to Modi, obtaing reasons to propagate “Khalistan in India”.