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Mental Health Continuing Education

Finding top quality continuing education seminars has never been easier thanks to computers and high-speed internet.  Literally, you can find thousands of different seminars based on something specific within minutes of searching.  As you begin looking at different educational institutions, companies, and various government agencies, you will quickly discover that seminars of this type come in many different shapes and sizes.

Many people get involved with the mental health sector of healthcare simply because there are so many unique opportunities.  When looking at options for mental health continuing education CEUs, programs literally cover the gamut.  For the programs that have been developed specifically in the care of patients with mental health issues, that were designed to ensure every patient is provided with the best possible care.  If you work as a mental health professional and need to get involved with continuing education so you can maintain licensing, some of the benefits of CEU programs include:

•    Programs are approved by the American Psychological Association.  With this, psychologists would have excellent continuing education opportunities.

•    Programs are also recognized by the National Board for Certified Counselors.  In this case, continuing education units are offered to a specific group of National Certified Counselors through programs that follow strict NBCC standards.

•    Programs are approved with several state boards to include the Board of Psychology, Office of School Psychology, Board of Licensed Clinical Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

•    Programs are coordinated closely with the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors or NAADAC.

•    Programs work with the Board of Nursing for any given state

•    Programs also work with the Certification Board

As you can see, mental health continuing education for earning units is closely linked to numerous organizations, again as a way of making sure you as the healthcare provider would be current on services provided to your clients.  The great news is that these programs and many others can be purchased directly online.  This would allow you to go through the various programs for certification or recertification in the privacy and comfort of home and many times, courses are designed to provide you with a little breathing room so you can complete them at a somewhat slower pace if needed.

Of course, there are many additional programs available online for mental health continuing education to earn CEUs.  Unfortunately, many people still believe that courses such as these are expensive but in truth, many are less than $100.  In addition, some of the programs would not only allow you to earn continuing education units or CEUs, but also college credits typically ranging between three and nine credits.  Some of these courses include:

•    Addiction and Coexisting Conditions
•    Addiction and Domestic Violence
•    Teen and Young Adult Pharmacology Addiction
•    Addiction Signs and Symptoms
•    Teenage Substance Abuse Intervention Series
•    Teenage Substance Abuse Intervention Series for Multidimensional Family Therapy
•    Anger Management
•    ADD – Disorder with Childhood Onset
•    Behavioral Health Practice Errors
•    Co-Occurring Disorders

Regardless of the types of programs and courses that you need or want to take specific to mental health continuing education, it would be extremely important to choose a reputable educational institution, government agency, or company.  After all, your career and the care of your patients is dependent on the quality of information that you are being taught.  Therefore, we felt it was important to provide you with some of the sources that provide continuing education units and credits that you might consider.

•    CEU-Hours, Inc (www.ceu-hours.com) – This online resource is an accredited and approved provider of CEUs for specific state licensing boards.  The units and credits provided are recognized by various regulatory boards and every staff member is highly educated, trained, and skilled in teaching professionals in the mental health sector.

•    PESI (www.pesi.com) – Another excellent resource for units and credits specific to mental health continuing education, PESI is a respected leader for seminars, tele-seminars, and conferences not just for people involved with mental health but also legal, real property, nursing and CME, and accounting sectors.  Having been i business since 1979, this organization covers everything that professionals need for certification, recertification, and licensing in their given field.

•    Harvard-CME – Even the Ivy League university Harvard has a special organization dedicated to adult continuing education units and credits.  Harvard’s mission is to provide healthcare providers with excellent training so ultimately, patient care is optimized.  All programs have been designed to provide students with the most current information and strategies available.  Since its conception, more than 60,000 professionals in healthcare from 100 countries have enrolled in this continuing education program.