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Marijuana Increasing In Passenger Vehicle Fatal Crashes As It Gains Public Acceptance, Joins Alcohol As Major Substances Impairing Drivers

LIGHTNING RELEASES – San Francisco, CA,  February 12, 2014 – With the increased media attention concerning the legalization of marijuana in the United States, a new research study found that while drunk driving (drivers with .08+ BAC) is generally declining while marijuana is gaining social acceptability and is having an increased presence in passenger vehicle fatal crashes.

While total passenger vehicle fatal crashes and .08+ alcohol are decreasing, the percentage of drivers using marihuana is increasing. In 2012, over 2,000 persons were killed in fatal crashes involving a marijuana driver. Further the study found important difference between the marijuana and drunk drivers. The study is by Al Crancer, Jr., who has been studying the effects of marijuana on drivers since the 1970’s.

When studying traffic fatalities involving marijuana drivers, Crancer found statistical and practical differences from the .08+alcohol drivers. “We found more than a dozen ways that marijuana drivers and legally intoxicated drivers are different.” said Crancer. “The marijuana drivers were younger, 50% under age 25, 77% male, fewer cited for speeding, and 40%+ were also intoxicated.  The marihuana drivers also intoxicated were even more different from drivers just using marijuana.

Further, marijuana drivers not intoxicated were often the same as the average driver in fatal crashes. The top three consecutive days of week were Thurs, Fri, & Sat, with the top 12 consecutive crash hours, Noon to Midnight.  (Crash days for Drivers .08+Alcohol were Fri, Sat, & Sun, with the top crash hours later at 4pm to 4am the next day.)  Also, the crash locations for the marijuana and average driver were similar. 

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