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Marcus Garvey Biopic Is Back On

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/20/2014) – Kevin Navayne – has agreed to play the civil rights leader Marcus Garvey.  Navayne who has mostly done television will cut his teeth playing one of America’s most controversial figures.  Navayne whom is also Jamaican will tap into his roots to play the legendary figure. 

At first glance the movie will focus on the rise and fall of Garvey as well as the conditions in where he grew up and the reasoning behind the leader’s thought process along with his quick rise to power to help garner much attention within the civil rights movement.

One Hand Pictures’ will produce the Marcus Garvey biopic, with David Shaw, and Rick Sherman financing the project.  Ted Hunter and K.C. Nolan will executive produce and also lend a hand in providing the $12 million in financing that they say this picture will need.