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Manish Tewari replacement Vikram Bajwa NRI’s hold winning key :Indian Overseas Congress

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/18/14 — NEW YORK. Shabir Sinha. Indian Overseas Congress, executive while preparing to launch the Lok Sabha NRI , campaign, emailed a request to president All India Congress Comm., Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, to consider NRI Vikram Bajwa as replacement for Manish Tewari, due to his ill health.

IOC General Secretary Sunil Malhotra has written to PPCC President Partap Bajwa, on the advise of IOC Executive, citing strong points in favour of Vikram Bajwa, who was senior to Manish Tewari in St. John’s School, Sector 26 Chandigarh, with his maternal village of Payal, Ludhiana.

NRI’s in USA, Canada, U.K, form the majority from Jullundur, followed by Ludhiana and can win the Lok Sabha seat for the Congress Party. Manish was the President of NSUI in 1989, while Vikramjit was representing NSUI in 1977 as Vice President of DAV College in Chandigarh. NRI’s of Punjab need a representation in Lok Sabha and “Ludhiana seems to be best suited for Vikramjit Bajwa”, said Pradeep Bhandari of FIIA (USA).

Punjab Canadian Foundation president endorses the request to Rahul Gandhi, to consider Vikramjit for Ludhiana, who had earlier planned to initiate a campaign for Navjot Sidhu of BJP. “We want a NRI Jat Sikh to represent Ludhiana Punjab in Lok Sabha”, wrote Manpreet Sandhu of Vancouver BC, who had supported Bajwa in his Surrey Mayoral elections. ” He can bring the changes needed, even challenge the Aam Admi Party candidate H.S.Phoolka, with his credentials in honest and courage for the victims of 1984 Delhi Riots”, said Giani Awtar Singh Bhinder of Toronto.

“Manish Tewari has done a great job for Ludhiana and his oratory skills are the back bone of the Congress Party, it’ll be an honor to be considered for Lok Sabha Ludhiana, to carry on the unfinished tasks of Manish”, said Bajwa, when asked for his statement in putting his name forward for the Congress.

” I will challenge the SAD-BJP Government on their false promises, made in the last 6 years, of development”, which will form the basis of my campaign, including the Mafia real Estate, which has grabbed over $ 100 Million dollars of NRI Real estate in Punjab”.

IOC Vice President Amarinder Cheema, supporting his candidacy, requests all voters in Ludhiana to google Vikram Bajwa and vote for him, to change Punjab in Lok Sabha.

PPCC needs the support of NRI’s in order to win Ludhiana, Jullundur, Hoshiarpur, Bhatinda and Amritsar and we will garner 3 Million votes in Punjab for Congress, claims  Dr. Charan Grewal of Kila Raipur, of Chicago.