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A New, Thrilling Tome in the Bill Reyner Series
Wentworth M. Johnson brings Bill Reyner back with ‘Magnuscarter,’ the ninth novel in his Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures series.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/20/2014) – William Reyner is a private detective with a good deal of experience uncovering nefarious plots.  Like a bloodhound, he can sniff out discord with the mere sense that something is afoot.  So, when he discovers a mysterious institute operating in total secret in a remote area of Canada, Reyner decides to stop at nothing until the mystery is solved.  However, in Magnuscarter, Wentworth M. Johnson’s new addition to his Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures series, Bill Reyner may be getting into more trouble than ever before.

To say Bill Reyner is getting into trouble is no surprise.  After all, he’s uncovered the truth behind many mysterious murders, helped an associate who was being framed, and accomplished a series of narrow escapes, always putting himself in the line of danger.  The secret institute in Canada captures his attention, taking him into hostile territory the likes of which he’s never encountered.  Despite the pain and heartache some of his other cases have caused him, Bill Reyner investigates, hot on the trail of the next clue. 

The deeper he gets into this problem, the more terrible things get.  Bill Reyner continues his hunt as bodies pile up and the situation gets increasingly dire.  Awkward questions need answering, and the institute’s secrets prove to be worse that murder.  All the while, Bill Reyner is searching in a seemingly dead-end quest for King John’s lost treasure.

Bill Reyner’s adventure begins as a simple treasure hunt and quickly spirals into one of his greatest mysteries yet.  Wentworth M. Johnson surely satisfies readers with Magnuscarter, yet another thrilling page-turner in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures series.