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Mac News: Apple Specialist Launches The Daily Mac View

PRESS RELEASE: TORONTO (12/5/2013)– Kerry Dawson, a veteran IT specialist with over 30 years experience has launched The Daily Mac View, a website devoted to all things Apple/Mac that promises to deliver news and information related to Apple products and the Apple ecosystem with a unique perspective blending expertise, wit and above all easy access to that information.

The Daily Mac View features a clean, fresh look with easy to follow navigation for quick access of a wide range of topics. One visit to the homepage of the site allows visitors to handpick articles covering numerous topics, written in an easy to understand format.

This is not just another how to guide but rather access to understanding the various Apple technologies and strategies. Dawson’s style makes visitors feel welcome no matter their Apple intelligence quotient. Site visitors are invited to participate in the ongoing dialogue.

This is not a “techy, geeky site”, its about building relationships within the context of Apple products discussion.

A self proclaimed Apple products “addict” Dawson has an infectious enthusiasm that translates well to everyone, “its all about productivity and the freedom to work seamlessly on any device, thats what I want to teach to everyone about Apple products” What sets Dawson apart from the traditional tech crowd is his unique ability to meet people where they are, and not where like many others, expect them to be.

The Daily Mac View is sister sites with the Mac View and while the two sites work in tandem, The Mac View is intended to be the lead site while The Daily Mac view will provide daily articles and feature that will not be found anywhere else.

The Mac View invites readers to submit their own articles for inclusion on the site. Both sites are communities first. It is Dawson’s hope that a dynamic atmosphere will emerge in which views are expressed, questions are asked and answered promoting the desire to stimulate even more discussion.

The Mac View can be accessed at http://www.themacview.com while The Daily Mac View can be accessed at http://www.dailymacview.com.

Contact Information:

The Daily Mac View/Kerry Dawson

Toronto, Canada