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Lying Down on the Job is Good for You! Introducing the Zero Gravity Work/Game Pod.

It’s Totally Awesome for Gaming, Too!

A zero gravity recliner is probably the most comfortable chair you will ever find. In the fully reclined position, the constant compression of your spine, due to the downward force of gravity, is counteracted. Your spine is able to decompress, relieving pressure on nerves and vertebrae. In this position, your feet are also up which provides good blood flow to the brain and body. What better way to relax at work? If only you could work at your computer this way. What you need is a recliner desk! Three D artist/designer Peter Sucy thinks he’s found a solution.

Peter was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1996. Symptoms of this disease include chronic joint & muscle pain, stiffness, and often a heightened sensitivity to touch, light, sound, stress, etc.  He retired from a 28 year career with the Eastman Kodak Company in 2001, to pursue his artistic inclinations. That meant working at his computers on a daily basis, however, working at a traditional computer desk was not a comfortable option. A zero gravity lawn chair, a gift from his wife, got him thinking of how to use it with a desk. Try as he may, he could not get it to mesh with a traditional L-shaped desk. Using his 3D modeling tools, he decided to create from the ground up, a desk that would surround a zero gravity chair, yet provide easy ingress and egress. 

Designed around the Perfect Chair or similar zero gravity recliner, the Zero Gravity Work Pod positions your monitor(s), keyboard/mouse and desktop surfaces all within easy reach of the comfort of your recliner. Not just a desk, the Zero Gravity Work Pod has two slide out drawers for at least two tower PC’s, two adjustable, swing away monitor mounts, a swing away keyboard/mouse tray, integrated cable management, acres of shelf space, optional storage cabinets, a plant hanger, and even a gun rack! (or two headphone hangers). It’s a free standing office cubicle with about a 7′ x 9′ footprint, and it even looks cool to boot!

The Zero Gravity Work Pod is the work cubicle of the future. It’s open ergonomic design, facilitates an open work environment, crucial to promoting workplace interaction, yet the Pod retains the individual sensibility of a cubicle.. The addition of a surround system with noise cancellation would allow Work Pods to be used in call centers. Work Pods are great for small creative teams or classrooms and can be arranged in small circles, U’s or in rows, just about anyway you desire. The slide-out bays for the PC’s makes them easy to access for upgrading or maintenance. The wiring is neatly managed with the Arch providing a way to pass wiring from one side to the other, and to the Rear Shelf component, so there are no cables on the floor. Great for installing a Work Pod surround sound system!

The Zero Gravity Work Pod is also modular! You don’t have to buy it all at once. They’ve broken the Pod into Components, The Arch Component can be purchased alone, or add one of the Rear Shelf Component options for additional stability and horizontal desk surfaces. A number of add-on Components will be available to choose from for the front of the Work Pod. A cabinet with glass doors, a low shelf unit, a high shelf unit with a plant hanger, and individual shelves can be added to either the left or right side. Designed to be assembled from the same pieces for either the right or left side, simply by flipping all the pieces.

Whether you’re a 3D artist, designer, photographer, web designer, software developer, content provider, financial trader or gamer, if you spend hours at a computer each day, take a load off your back every day with the Zero Gravity Work Pod!

The designer has launched a Kickstarter project to fund the development of the first prototype. They are seeking to raise $2400 to purchase a refurbished Perfect Chair,  materials and hardware. Rewards for donations to the project, include wallpapers, notecards and prints with an image of the Zero Gravity Work Pod. At the higher levels there are T-shirts and reservations to be the first to order and first notified of shipping. If you are a DIY’er there is even a $10 donor level to receive a PDF with the scale plywood sheet layout for the desk parts and instructions.

If you’d like to see this unique new form of functional furniture become a reality, please consider helping out with a small donation to make it happen.


Designer Peter J. Sucy’s websites: http://www.peterjsucy.com   and  http://www.3Dwizardry.com