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LexInnova software enhances transparency of outsourced litigation services

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/11/2013)-  LexInnova announced today the introduction of LexConnect – the company’s proprietary software that gives clients real-time access to their outsourced legal projects.

LexConnect enhances the transparency between clients and their projects. Accessible online using a user name and password from any desktop, LexConnect provides clients access to the entire project team, documents and pricing information.

The project portal contains a bio (with picture) of each expert staffed on a project, along with their total hours spent on the project to date. A number of reports are also available to the clients, making it easy for them to communicate internally regarding the project. Clients can view details, such as, search parameters used, work progress and project budgets. Invoices and other administrative documents relating to the project can also be posted using LexConnect.

“We’ve been using the underlying technology on patent consulting matters for years, but are now launching the full product to provide greater transparency and control of projects to our clients throughout the litigation life cycle,” said Darshan Mujumdar, CEO and Managing Director of LexInnova’s patent consulting group. “Clients benefit from the ability to maintain a repository and securely access all documents and project deliverables related to a matter from the cloud – anytime and anywhere, enhancing communication between stakeholders, and project managers in real-time.”

The software is accessible free of charge for all LexInnova clients. Key features of LexConnect include:

  • Resource library on the cloud, accessible on all devices
  • Personalization to match your needs and preferences
  • Security that provides for data-encryption and user identification and authorization
  • Ability to collaborate online with LexInnova consultants and other team members
  • Dashboard that provides a real-time snapshot of all matters, including consultant profiles, billable hours logged, work in progress, and all documents
  • Easy search and retrieval of information
  • Built in patent analytics visualization tools
  • Deadline alerts

“LexConnect was developed in response to client concerns about transparency and risk mitigation. By giving clients access to up-to-date information about their matters at any time, they can be confident that we are delivering the quality and efficiency we promise,” said Lee McCallister, COO and Managing Director of LexInnova’s litigation services group. “Using LexConnect provides the same, if not greater, access to our team in India as it would having the team down the hall.”

The launch of LexConnect comes on the heels of the introduction of LexInnova to the U.S. legal market. The offshore litigation services company focuses on advanced patent and litigation services that break away from traditional legal process outsourcing/LPO.

LexInnova’s mix of lawyers, engineers, scientists, and project managers provide technical patent consulting and end-to-end document review services that reduce overall litigation costs while keeping litigators focus on what they do best – preparing compelling cases on behalf of their clients.

LexConnect will be among the technology advantages LexInnova will be talking about in New York in February at the annual LegalTech conference. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact LexInnova at marketing@LexInnova.com.

About LexInnova

LexInnova provides advanced patent and litigation services that allow innovative clients to improve quality, drive profitability, and enhance the effectiveness of legal matters. LexInnova draws on a combination of technical and project management expertise to solve the challenges that arise at the intersection of practicing law and managing legal matters. For highly technical matters, we provide outsourced consulting services to help analyze, leverage and protect intellectual property. For high-volume matters, we provide true project management – combining the ideal mix of people, processes, and technology – to improve the ability of our clients to deliver their services.