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Legacy Multimedia of Houston Receives 2013 Videographer Award For Documentary

HOUSTON, Texas (August 8, 2013) – Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of an Award of Excellence in the Documentary category from the 2013 Videographer Awards. Legacy Multimedia’s award-winning video biography, Betty Caldwell, A Beautiful Life, was chosen from approximately 1,500 entries from the United States and 11 other countries. This the second time the production has been honored, having received a Gold Award in the 2013 Hermes Creative Awards.

Ron W. Henriksen, Mrs. Caldwell’s son, said the birth of his nephews led him to hire Legacy Multimedia to make this video biography about his 98-year-old mother combining old photographs, newspaper clippings and family documents with live interviews. He said, “I realized that there would be generations of our family that would never get to know this remarkable woman. Stefani and her team did a terrific job of delving into the details of my mother’s life and weaving the stories into a cohesive narrative. Their interview process drew out the best in my mother and made the experience a delight for her.”

“Not only is Betty smart and vibrant, but she had a lot of energy and we were able to do some remarkable video B-roll. We have shots of her driving her car, talking about her childhood in front of the home she was born in, as well as extensive stories and recollections from her 98 years of life,” recalled Stefani Twyford, founder and president of Legacy Multimedia.

In addition to the video history this family now has, her son gifted her an experience. Much like a roller coaster ride through one’s life, the process of going through creating a video biography allows the subject to be the star in the front seat on a ride through their own history. From the very beginning, she was very excited and it gave her celebrity status in her assisted living home. Filming in front of the house she was born in gave her the opportunity to meet the current residents who were so generous and fascinated by the project as well. “These people are making a movie about me!” was an often heard exclamation.

The process of going through a personal history is unpredictable. The client may think they know all their ‘stories’ but through guided work, other memories and connections appear, making this a completely customized adventure. Subjects may, in the process of looking back, transform their view on how they see themselves, their families and their communities.

Of course at some point, the lights and cameras have to be shut down and we go away. But our clients are left with an incredible memory and a film that holds the promise of education and entertainment at any time.

Twyford explained, “We pride ourselves on capturing the essence of a person, the unifying force of a group and the atmosphere of an event. My team and I do in-depth historical research and study our sources. Getting to know our subjects on a deeper level and conducting insightful interviews are the keys to getting to the heart and soul of a story.”

See a clip from this documentary at http://legacymultimedia.com/portfolio/.

For more information about Legacy Multimedia, please contact Stefani Twyford at 281-639-8447, stwyford@legacymultimedia.com or visit legacymultimedia.com.