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LéaLA, Spanish Book Fair of Los Angeles, Announces New Date

PRESS RELEASE: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico(10/11/2013) – During the last three years –from 2011 to 2013- and thanks to the efforts of the University of Guadalajara and the University of Guadalajara Foundation USA, as well as the federal, state and municipal government entities, and a group of sponsors, LéaLA, the Los Angeles Spanish-language Book Fair, has taken place in the city of Los Angeles, CA.

It is through this project that we have ascertained the need had by the Latino population of acquiring books in Spanish, which turned Los Angeles into the capital of Spanish for three days. It is a dear project, loved, awaited and supported by the inhabitants of California and the neighboring states. The publishers, the soul of the Fair, trust the project and participate with more interest every year.

Thou to circumstances not related to the Fair, we are obligated to announce that LéaLA’s 4th edition will not be held in 2014, as we had planned, but will return to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2015, turning the fair into a biennial event. We must point out that these circumstances are of an economical order, given that as of today, the organization doesn’t have the certainty to come with the resources needed to give annual continuity to this fair. Due to the above, with respect to all of those who have trusted in this project and, as an action of responsibility and transparency, the decision of making LéaLA every two years, with the hope of keeping allies who will be able to cover the investment to establish an endeavor of this magnitude, has been taken.

In the last three years we have learnt that Latinos do read. Not only do they read, but also they enjoy reading and demand, in a city as multicultural as Los Angeles, to have books in Spanish. In three years we have grown and overcome the challenges implied in organizing a fair in a country with a mindset so different to the Latin American. To go through with LéaLA has been an experience of learning and satisfaction. As one of our main objectives, we still believe that the possibility of opening a road for the Spanish-book market in the U.S. is a reality.

Even if LéaLA is taking more time to manage its processes and activities, we will keep our relationship with publishing houses and writers; it is them who have supported the event and the ones that bring the catalogues our guests look and attend to the fair for. The Spring 2015 will be filled with surprises, guests and over all, many, many books in Spanish. It will arrive before you know it and, as always, will leave a great after taste in all participants and attendees.

We are looking forward to the next fair and hope you will follow us in the process of making 2015 the best edition of LéaLA yet.

Catalina Re-Sanchez
LeaLA’s General Manager