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LA Real Estate Magnate Karim Jaude Foresees “Golden Age” of Syndication Deals: Announces Summit Conference on Nov 2nd

Los Angeles, California – October 23, 2013 – Karim Jaude of Dynamics Capital Group is one of California’s most knowledgeable real estate syndication experts (see brief bio below).  He believes the current economy has created a window of opportunity – a “Golden Age” – in real estate syndication not seen in the past 45 years.

“There are 1.4 trillion dollars of commercial real estate loans coming due for refinance in the next 30 months,” says Jaude.  “Most of them will not be eligible for refinancing.  This is creating opportunities for all of us. They need to raise money, they need partners, and they need syndication.  That’s why we’re holding this syndication summit now.”

Jaude and Dynamics Capital Group are presenting the 9th Annual Real Estate Syndication Summit at the Luxe Hotel on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Jaude has assembled 14 top industry professionals who will discuss in detail their personal experiences structuring, financing and managing successful real estate syndication deals.   

The summit will be an all-day affair (8:30am to 4:30pm) at the Luxe Hotel, 11461 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.  It includes complimentary breakfast and lunch, and multiple networking opportunities.  The cost is $349 for those who register before October 28th; $399 after that date.   Refer a friend for a $50 discount.  CPAs will be able to earn six hours of CPE credit. 

This years panelists include: Karim Jaude, Founder & President, Dynamics Capital Group; Mark Levinson, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP; Malcolm McNeil, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP; Catherine D. Holmes, Senior Member, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell; Sam Freshman, President & Chairman, Standard Management Company; Richard Welling, Managing Partner, Richard Welling LLP; Dennis Duitch, Managing Director, Duitch Consulting Group; Joseph Cobert, Principal, Cobert Real Estate Law; Steve Bram, Co-Founder & President, George Smith Partners; Brian Shniderson, Co-Founder & Principal, B&A Capital Partners; Jim Howell, Partner & Principal, Freedom Capital; Douglas Kolker, President & CEO, Summit Selling Systems Inc.; Aaron Weiner, Senior Vice President, Bailes & Associates Inc.; Andrew Van Tuyle, CEO, Standard Management Company.

The Syndication Summit will be divided into four sessions.  In the morning, the panelists will discuss “How to Structure Your Real Estate Partnership” and “How and Where to Raise Capital for Your Investment.”  In the afternoon, the subjects will be “How to Get Your Loan Funded at the Best Rates & Terms” and “Property Management – Make or Break Your Investment.”

The event is being sponsored by California Capital Summit, All Cities Business & Finance, Los Angeles Venture Association and G-Ten.

For more information about the Syndication Summit, go to Dynamics Capital Group’s website or call 310.471.0650 or email: karim@dynamicscapital.com.

For media inquiries, contact Scott Busby at scottb@thebusbygroup.com or 310.475.2914.



Karim Jaude has founded and operated 19 successful companies all over the world.  He made his first million by the age of 26 buying and fixing up distressed properties and businesses. For the last 40 years, Jaude has developed, invested, financed, brokered, managed, and consulted in real properties in eight countries. In the United States, his largest syndication deal was a $340-million office complex in Plano, Texas.  In California in the last two years, Jaude has syndicated properties in Oceanside/Carlbad (7), Long Beach (4), Oxnard/Venture (2), San Pedro (1), Encinitas (1), Ontario (1) and Bakersfield (1).  The values of these properties range from $500,000 to $5 million.  He is currently syndicating a 36-unit apartment building in the Los Angeles area.  Its purchase price is $3.45 million and Jaude’s total subscription to date (money raised) is $1.25 million. These properties have ranged from single-family homes to condo projects and apartment buildings; from shopping centers to commercial and industrial buildings; from hotels to land, mixed-use, and special-use properties. He has built from scratch, remodeled, fixed up, and converted properties for different uses in order to maximize their return on investment. In 1984, he was the very first entrepreneur to convert an industrial building in downtown Los Angeles into artist lofts.  Overall, Jaude’s offices have handled more than 20 billion dollars in real estate transactions.  Jaude mentors, writes, teaches, and speaks about real estate frequently. He has been published in over 115 business and real estate publications nationwide.